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Why And How Articles Improve Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
The value of having a well written and informative article published on your website is so obvious and the benefits so enormous, that after reading this article, you will pinch yourself hard and ask: why have I not thought of this before?

A well written article, placed strategically on your website, is like diamond bracelets on a beautiful, gorgeous woman, that shimmer and sparkle as she crosses your path on a bright sunny day; or the glistering golden crown on a king at his once in a life-time coronation.

You need to publish articles on your website in order to attain specific goals. Some of these goals are:

1.To attract visitors to your website, in the hope that if they like what they see and read on your site, they will keep coming back. It is a well known web-marketing aphorism, that visitors hardly make a purchase at their first visit to a website. Repeated visits to a website have a greater probability of generating sales than a one shot affair. Hence, by placing well written, entertaining and informative articles on your website, chances are that your visitors will keep coming back to your site and a good conversion rate of these visitors to prospects is guaranteed.

2.To improve link popularity for your Website. It is a well established fact, that one of the most effective ways of having other webmasters link to your website, or increasing your site's link popularity, as it is generally termed, is to have a regular pool of articles on your site, that portray you as an expert in specific fields, in which useful information are in great demand on the web. Webmasters who publish ezines with large subscriber bases are always on the look-out for sources of informative materials for their publications. With your website links surreptiously placed in your articles, chances are that a good number of readers of the articles in these ezines will pay your website a well-deserved visit.

A well written article, strategically placed on your website, can do a lot to get you visible on the web map, so to speak. Good, well written articles, will help to get targeted traffic to your website.

Since online buyers, just like offline ones, do their research before buying products from a website, providing them useful information in your articles about the products they are searching for, will most likely make them buy products from you, rather than from your competitors. Articles which are well linked to by other webmasters, help to greatly improve your search engine ranking.

The Search Engine web-crawlers or spiders, are always snooping out unique information from websites. These unique information, when well combined with other search engine optimization parameters, could shoot the position of your website from a lowly page at the bottom, to near the top of the search engine rankings.

Finally, you could use well written articles strategically placed on your website, as your Unique Selling Point (USP); to set you apart from the competition. Why should a visitor who goes to several sites looking for a product, decide to buy from you? The uniqueness of your article-rich website should do the trick.
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Razvan Marian Jr is a SEO specialist with more years of experience in the field. He is also the leading manager of www.cheapsubmissions.eu , developing services such as cheap web site submissions and cheap articles submissions.
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