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How To Sell More Resale Rights Products Than Your Competitors

Aug 17, 2007
One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money online is by acquiring resale rights products and selling them on to a target market. However in most instances many people find that there are also many other people selling these same products, and so they subsequently fail to generate any real profits from resale rights products because the competition is so stiff. So how can you outsell your competition?

Well one of the most important factors in determining how much money you can generate is the actual product itself. Be very selective in choosing which resale rights products you are going to promote. For optimum profits you ideally want to find fresh and innovative products that have just been released and have therefore not yet reached saturation point. That's not to say you can't do well from promoting older products, because you can if they are of good quality, and have not yet been heavily promoted.

Another thing you should do is to actually get to know the product yourself before you start selling it, to ensure it is of a high quality. Promoting poor quality products will only damage your reputation in the long run.

Once you've found a quality product, you should then aim to create your own unique selling angle, so your offer stands out from your competition.

One way of doing this is by creating your own sales page for the product. Many people simply upload the sales page that came with the product, and start driving traffic to that page. However, this is what most other resellers are doing as well, so by creating your own sales copy, that is ideally better than the original copy, you can easily make more sales than your rivals.

Not only can you use your own sales copy, but you can also add your own unique bonuses to the product. These should complement the product you are selling. For example, if you were selling an ebook on SEO, then to make your offer stand out, you could also add other SEO-related ebooks or software that you have the rights to, as additional bonuses.

Other bonuses that work well are things like training videos, that you can easily compile nowadays, that will help the buyer use the product that they have purchased, or a personal consultation from yourself, if the price of the product is high enough to make this worthwhile.

Similarly another way of adding value to a basic resale rights product is by compiling the product with other related resale rights products, and coming up with a new package of products (that only you are selling). For example, going back to the SEO ebook, you could add additional bonuses as I've already mentioned, but alternatively you could create an entirely new product by creating a compendium of SEO-related products. This is a highly effective way of outselling your competitors.

Whatever your sales angle, the key to success with resale rights products is to be different, and to make your offer stand out by adding value to the product. Many resellers try and compete on price, which only leads to more and more people lowering the price and devaluing the product, until it inevitably ends up on eBay for $0.99.

If you compete on value, you can maintain a higher price by adding value to the product, using the methods I've already discussed, and therefore generate a lot more profits than your competitors because your target market will be more inclined to buy from you.
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James Woolley is a full-time marketer who runs a website and newsletter dedicated to helping people make money online through internet marketing.
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