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The Benefit of Free Classified Ads

Aug 17, 2007
The Internet has become one of the greatest multi-faceted advertising and marketing tools ever invented. The range of its capabilities can cater to even the most novice of users and its numerous methods and applications have shown to be extremely cost effective. Whether you are a business or just somebody looking to get rid of last week's garage sale fodder, there's certainly nothing easier or more cost effective than free classified ads. Unlike paying for a newspaper ad, or for ad space in a newspaper to advertise your product, if you post a free online ad and no one bites, you lose zero! People love risk free options.

There are a number of sites on the Internet that offer free classified ads. It seems there isn't anything that attracts people more than offering something for free. Some sites will require only a bit of registration before placing an ad, while others will require quite a bit. Although some people tend to steer away from these sites and go for the ones that require little or no registration, it's really a matter of one's comfort level. Some people do not want to put out too much information for a 'free' ad. Still, there are many sites that only require an email address for confirmation purposes and making changes to the ad, when and if necessary.

When selling your product or service with free classified ads, try to keep your ad right around 100 words. Unfortunately, in this day and age people won't be willing to read past that. On the other hand, too few words won't adequately be able to describe what you're trying to sell. Even if you just need to get rid of your old bedroom furniture, you want to make it sound like the steal of the century. The same goes if you're selling a product or service. People need to know what the benefit will be of buying whatever it is you have. They need to have a good feeling about buying your old record collection. Always fill your ad with action words and be positive.

The same goes for the title of your ad. It should be simple and sweet but it should draw people in. Sometimes the best way to do that is to ask a question. Use pictures or banners to illustrate what you're selling to make your ad stand out from the others and update the ads regularly to make sure they stay at the top of the listings. Advertise in areas relevant to your product. If you have a product that can be sent through the mail, advertise in different regions.

Another helpful hint is to post in relevant categories. Obviously, you don't want to post ads for 'Furniture' in the 'Pets' category and vice versa. People dislike finding ads where they don't belong. It makes them feel as if they are being spammed. Some sites will cancel or ban your ad for doing such a thing. However, posting a product for urine stain removal in the 'pets' category is not such a farfetched thing to do. The two are relevant to each other and is a way to get the product seen by more people who otherwise would have never noticed it.

Those who use this as a method of advertising are bound to see that free classified ads are a great risk-free way for businesses and individuals alike to get their product sold and put money in their pockets.
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