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Effective Marketing Sales Conversion

Aug 17, 2007
Marketing and sales conversion must be put together in one structural system to maximize your business results. Sales conversion is the process you use to logically move your prospects along to becoming clients or customers. Here we discus the small things we should do that are taken granted for.

Make an attempt to personalize all emails that you send out to your list. Make it sound as if you are talking to each reader individually. Additionally, use macros, so that you can use your readers' actual names when you write to them. The more a reader trusts you, the higher the chance that he/she will be willing to buy from you.

Consider testing various different email subject lines to constantly improve your sent-to-opened version rate. This is critically important if you own a list. You will have to determine what does and doesn't work in terms of subject lines, so you can be sure that you get a good portion to read your email when you send out a product offer.

One effective way to increase conversion rates on sales pages is to scan your signature, save it as a .jpeg or .gif; and then use it to your sales page. If you do not have a scanner, you can also purchase a natural handwriting program, such as letter, to do this task for you. Simply seeing a real signature will make visitors more likely to buy.

Always track your advertisements. Do not assume that all things are equal. Sources of traffic are not equal. Sales page formats are not equal unless they actually are equal. Use tracking statistics from your pay per click program, your own website (if it provides statistics), and an ad tracking program to ensure that your testing is actually working as intended, so you can improve your page and increase your conversion rates.

Spend the time to seek out and contact professionals and experts in your niche. Ask them if they are willing to review your product and give you a testimonial if they like it. Use whatever testimonials you are given in your sales page. This will significantly increase your conversion rate by allowing customers to trust you.

Always use more than one call to action in your actual sales page. Some people prefer short sales pages and others prefer long sales pages, so give either to both. If they want to continue reading, provide a long list of benefits. If they would prefer to stop reading and immediately skip to the purchase, allow them to do that, too.

Consider using high-pressure sales tactics to increase your sales page conversion rate. For instance, use mechanisms like timers, and fly-ins to give one time offers to your visitors. Use the color red to build pressure. Include hype and triggers all throughout your headline to pull in prospects and make them feel as if they have to make a purchase.
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