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Avoiding Online Business Opportunity Scams

Aug 17, 2007
Many complain that network marketing companies have been dishonest in the potential of their profit claims. Unfortunately a large percentage of these are dishonest in the income potential claims they make. They come close to lying by being very legally clever about their claims

Avoiding online business opportunity scams is a world wide problem. The risk of being taken for a sucker and someone to have their money taken from them has always been there with any business. The sad fact is that network marketing has led the way with this problem.

Attorney generals in virtually all fifty states and most foreign countries have a bad attitude about MLM because of the many thousands of complaints they have had to listen to over the years. The concept of MLM is good but the reality is that it just does not work.

Using a matrix system will involve more people than are on Earth if everybody had their matrix filled. Network marketing companies all know this.

There are very few network marketing companies that do have legitimate products. The difficult part of it is that the legal authorities in all states and many other countries have a bad attitude about network marketing so even the few legitimate product companies have a very difficult business opportunity at best. They are beaten before they start.

Avoiding network marketing business opportunity scams has spilled over into other schemes that have developed on the inter net making it difficult to find an honest man or woman to work with. The best advice anyone can give you is to, investigate any opportunity before you invest your time and money into it. Call this a self protection philosophy.

Any business opportunity should have a physical street address. They also need an email address where they can and will have answers to their questions to get help with their home based business.

Ideally they will also have a phone number if they are located in the same country as you. Email only is okay if they are willing to reply to your help questions in a reasonable amount of time.

A regular customer service system that is already set up and running is the ideal. A twenty-four hour hotline is best but not really necessary. If someone operates from their home only, this is okay if they are good at marketing and showing you how to be successful. Surprisingly, most work from home scams are run from an office though many have been from homes.

Ask them how long they have been in business. If it has been a short time, that is okay, if the opportunity and people are good. If they are honest about everything you might be on to a good business opportunity.

Run their name through Google search engines on line and see what others have to say about them. This is a good indicator about how good and honest any company is.

A company that has been in business for years likely has a good marketing system because they have lasted. Network marketing companies that are legitimate require a good deal of money, effort and natural born sales skills. If you are not willing to spend lots of hours or if you do not have lots of natural sales skills, stay away from MLM. You likely will not be able to do it.

Work from home scams have damaged the general reputation of many legitimate companies online and offline. High priced home based businesses are usually legitimate but you are better off waiting until you have the real skills and cash needed to do these.

Never, but never, use a charge card to drop five thousand dollars on a business opportunity. Most people who do this end up paying off the debt for years when the company fails and the dishonest opportunity does not work.

Many infomercials on television make out these high priced opportunities in everything from investing in stocks, forex exchanges, options, business notes and real estate to be easy. They will show lots of testimonials. What they do not tell you is the percentage of people, which is always high, who fail at all of these.

That is why they frequently use a disclaimer in these work from home scams. If they were legitimate they would not have to use disclaimers.

The most honest advice anyone can give you is to search for the right small enterprise opportunity for at least six months before you try one. Next, get experience with a very cheap or free one before spending any money on something bigger. Last, save up money so you can try these opportunities by paying cash and never go into debt to try any business opportunity.
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