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2 Proven Laws that Will Pump Up Your Minisite Profits in Tough Times

Aug 17, 2007
Are your minisite sales slowing down ?

Or worst, your minisites that used to pull tons of profits have stopped performing as it did before.

FACT: It is now more and more difficult to get traffic to 1 page minisites.

Here's the reason...

1. Search engines like Google have got smarter and smarter, so you need to apply some twist to your minisites to survive in this competitive internet world.

Now it is difficult for 1 page minisites to get top search engine rankings as it did before.

2. The cost of top pay per click search engines is rising. If at all your site isn't converting well it is next to impossible to see serious profits after paying huge per click cost.

3. There are 100s of sites launching day by day resulting into fierce competition.

You need to apply some tricks to make your website stand in these tough times and still churn out huge profits.

Here are 2 proven laws that you need to apply to make sure that your website continues to make serious profits day after day in this competitive internet marketing world.

1. Create Your Credibility.

It is difficult to sell a product on the net to a stranger. A visitor visiting your site has no reason to trust you.

He has never seen you and he has never spoken with you. The very first thing you need to do is sell yourself before you sell your product.

In short you have to gain your visitors trust. Once you do this he will purchase from you again and again without any hesitation with an open-mindset.

Thus you will convert him into a lifetime customer.

There are many ways you can establish your credibility and earn their trust.

* Provide some valuable content on your site. This will make them feel that you're an expert in your niche.

* Give them some valuable ecourse or a gift.

* Give your contact details such as your phone number, fax number, office address, etc and put up your pic on your site. This will give them a sense of satisfaction that you are some real person doing real business on the net.

* Make sure you answer to your visitors questions promptly. Give them top support and treat them as a friend.

* Your website copy must be in a friendly tone as if you're speaking to a friend. Don't give them an impression that you are a salesman from some so called million dollar company.

* Stick your customer testimonials on your site. This is the most powerful strategy by which you can gain your visitors trust.

2. Focus on collecting leads than making sales.

Make sure that your websites primary goal is to collect leads.

In short, remove a way by which your visitors are forced to give you their name and email address. Bribe them, give them something valuable or give them some free gift in return for their email address.

Once you capture their email address make sure you follow them up with your newsletter or ezine every week to make more money and continue building your relationship with them.

And make sure you sell them something or the other every week and ask them for money. That's what we all are waiting for.

Just apply these 2 Proven Laws and you will instantly see an instant jump in your sales and profits while others keep on struggling to make their minisites sell.
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