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Making Money With Contextual Advertisng

Aug 17, 2007
It doesn't matter whether you are the owner of a small business, large corporation or thrive as an at-home entrepreneur, the Internet offers a multitude of marketing and money ventures. Leading sites toward increased website traffic and sales, contextual advertising is in the forefront of harnessing the potential of an optimized Internet presence and increased promotion.

What is Contextual Advertising?

When advertising is confined to the specific content offered on a particular site, this is called contextual advertising. The ads, banners and links advertised on a site will all directly relate to the subject matter. This concept taps into the belief that Internet users will explore further links towards information that is conveniently placed and grouped with similar items.

An Example of Contextual Advertising

Let's say you run an online business for pet grooming. Contextual advertising for your site would include sponsored links to other resources offering information and/or products regarding pets. On the side of your website, links for pet food, health supplements for pets, kennels, dog breeders or training tips may appear. All of the advertisements will be contextually related to your website content.

How to Make Money

Websites that display a high level of traffic have the ability to make money by leasing space on your site to marketers. Depending on their advertising approach, they may choose to attach a banner or pop-up to your site. Throughout the years, many website owners have capitalized on the habits of Internet users by placing contextual ads on their site. To make the most out of this money making relationship between other marketers, good website content is a must.

To explore this marketing option, you should check out contextual advertising brokers, such as AdSense, Overture, Quigo and Kanoodle. When signing up, you can choose to have contextual sponsored links placed about your site. Every time someone visits your website and clicks on a sponsored ad, you will make a small commission. Since the website ads are geared more to fit your specific subject matter, you have a chance of seeing increased activity and profit

The Impact of Contextual Advertising on Business

Throughout the years, contextual advertising has greatly impacted the earning potential and results of numerous websites. Since these sites display advertisements that better complement their main ideas, themes, focus, service or products, they are more likely to receive attention from the public.

One key factor in the money making allure of Google is that a bulk of their revenue comes from shared profits gained from contextual ads. The Adsense program comes in contact with millions of users and is spread across millions of websites. For some, the possibilities are endless when turning towards contextual advertising.
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