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Top Reasons To Investigate Online

Aug 17, 2007
As the Internet matures, more and more government and financial agencies are storing basic records where people can get their hands on them quickly. And, those that don't, are offering access to their services online, so you don't have to make a trek to their offices. With this trend has come the ability to investigate online people, their backgrounds, credit, arrest records and more.

But, why would anyone want to investigate online?

Let's look at some of the top reasons for different scenarios.

Reasons for anyone
Whether you want to check your own background or that of a potential employee or renter, when you investigate online you'll find:

Ease: When you investigate online, the process is made much more easy. The fact is you don't have to drive to 10 different agencies to get a good snapshot of a person's past or see what others can find out about you.

Accuracy: Since it's possible to deal directly or through services that deal directly with agencies in the know, accuracy of an online investigation is generally very high.

Speed: Rather than having to wait weeks and weeks for requests to go through, those who investigate online generally have their answers back within short time.

Reasons for individuals
It's never a bad idea to know what your credit score is going into a loan or a rental deal, or what type of record a potential employer will find. There are other reasons to investigate yourself online, too. They include:

Ability to fix errors: If you don't know what agencies have on their records about you, you won't be able to fix any errors people might find. In your credit report, for example, you mind find that old water bill you paid five years ago still showing up to make you look like a slow payer. The more you know about what other people have in their records about you, the better positioned you are to deal with issues as they crop up.

Ability to deal with the truth: When you investigate online to discover your own background, you can create a game plan for dealing with questions that might arise during job interviews, loan processes and so on. When you can answer and explain negatives, the processes might go in your favor. If you're blind-sided, you might not do as well.

Reasons to investigate others online
There are a whole host of reasons why you might want to check into someone else's background. They include:

Employment screenings: This is very typical and it's a function more and more employers are performing. When you investigate online potential employees, you can weed out those who are less than truthful and those who don't have the backgrounds they say they do. This can be important, also, for ensuring workplace safety.

Pre-leasing screening: Credit checks and even criminal background checks are very often performed prior to a lease agreement being signed. This helps landlords ensure the people who move in can handle the rent and don't have backgrounds that would give other tenants pause.

Security: Whether you're a potential girlfriend or a possible employer, online investigations can help you make sure the person you're dealing with is who he says he is.

The ease of online investigations makes it possible to find out in short time what used to take days, weeks and even months to do so. If you have a concern, question or legitimate need to check into someone's past, or your own, the Internet has made it possible to do so with ease, speed and accuracy.
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