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Link Building And Its Strategies

Aug 17, 2007
Links back to your website help gain its popularity on the net. It is the most natural way of achieving web traffic. Link popularity refers to the number of the incoming links that are pointing to your site. The more sites that point towards increasing the popularity of your website. Especially if they're quality links. Therefore, Google thinks that your website is important as well and ranks it better in its results.

There are many ways of link building your site but in this article, we discuss only some of those methods : article submissions, directory submissions, and blog creation and submissions.

To start with, the directory submissions, one should try to find as many as themed directories he could find in Google. Try to submit your site on such kind of themed directories. You can try your luck with other search engines, like Yahoo, AOL, as well to search for directories that lie in the same theme as your website. You must make sure that the directory is already in Google, and it must have a good PR. Avoid using a dynamic script in the address. You must know your theme. If you have a marketing website, look for marketing directories / hubs / portals. You can also choose a broader spectrum for submissions, like you can choose a directory from the advertisement theme as well.

Next, we talk about the importance of blogs and their submissions. Blog is short for "web log." A blog is a simple website or expansion to a website that is written in a private and relaxed tone. Most blogs allow readers to leave remarks making them interactive and nurturing a feel of society. Updating a blog is similar to writing an email; no technical knowledge is required. Blogs are one of the most popular ways of expressing one's thought on the net. Similarly, it has evolved from unusual and witty Internet linking strategies into the next wave of the information revolution. Many websites have taken up blogging in a serious way and are encouraging their employees to blog. A number of books on business blogging are starting to be released and many companies are offering business blog consulting as well.

Article submissions are another great way to generate a lot of links for your website. A well-written article relating to the theme of your website and containing a good and balanced amount of keywords will definitely drive a good amount of traffic to your website. All the more, submission of these articles to thousands of articles directories will increase your link popularity in a straight manner.

However, link building is one of the most time-consuming parts of SEO. The reason is because the engines, particularly Google, do not want any kind of artificially created or useless links, so there are no easy ways to build link popularity. The days of bad links or black hat SEO like link farms and huge link exchange programs are over. Try those strategies now and you can easily find yourself booted out of an engine.
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