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Switch on Your Employees - Say an Unexpected 'Thank You'

Aug 17, 2007
Unexpected recognition for a job well done is very, very validating for your people.

Whilst you are busy, you are also developing habits that, well, just creep up on you.

This means that you do things; behave even, in a certain way - and now is the time to redress that.

If you find there are some of your people you have instant, deep rapport with, it's just human nature to hang out with them more. Respect them and treat them well. Yet you could be missing a trick.

This is about specifically targetting those who you don't have an instant relationship with.

Make time for those you avoid and engage both in conversation as well as 'catching them doing something right' and thanking them.

Spending time with these folks might, to start at least, not be your favourite way to spend your time - but you may be surprised.

You will also up the stakes in motivating a bunch of people who you've missed out on in the past.

So, today, make a very special effort to say 'Thank you' to people you wouldn't normally do so to.

It will make a difference, both to them, you and your business.
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