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Easy Work At Home Business Ideas

Aug 17, 2007
An internet marketing business provides you with a unique opportunity to say goodbye to your day job and say hello to a new life. Deciding to work for home may appear to be a great solution for many employees. You can practically cut out your commute, spend more time with family and possibly earn four, five and even six figure incomes solely via the internet.

There are countless ways to make money online. However, starting a business from home does not have to mean complex business plans, mountains of paper work and employing people. It can simply be just you and your computer, and a few bright ideas.

Getting started is where a lot of people get stuck. There are so many choices and new things to learn that it's easy to get overwhelmed. To provide you with a few ideas, here are several work at home business ideas to get your started.

Write eBooks

Some of the most popular information products are eBooks and they are big business online. If you have a topic you are passionate and knowledgeable on, consider creating a short ebook and selling it on a website or on eBay. Effectively marketed, your eBook can bring some attractive profits.

Information is the hottest commodity in the World Wide Web. This is why the Internet is called the information superhighway. If you'd be able to provide the right kind of information, you will never run out of potential customers. This is especially true if you manage to find a hungry market where the demand for such information would be immense.

Writing an eBook is very similar to writing a special report. An eBook is work composed of approximately 30 or more pages. Anything shorter would be considered as a special report. Here are eight easy to follow steps you could take to come up with an eBook:

1. Select a topic that you have some knowledge about. This can be skill from your current or previous job experience. For example, if you've worked at a pet store, you may have experience training parrots. Now suppose you choose the niche of parrots, a good topic to write about is "how to select the perfect pet parrot."

2. Prepare an outline for your ebook. You should strive to make it as organized as possible. Start with the most basic concepts, and gradually proceed to the more advanced ones.

3. Do your research! This is very important. If you're offering something in exchange for your prospective customers' hard-earned money, you should give them something valuable. A well-researched work is what they deserve. Don't rip people off.

4. Fill out your outline with the necessary information to get your point across to the reader. If you have a great outline, this shouldn't be a problem. All you have to do is write about your topic that you've researched and include them in the specific portions allotted of the outline.

5. This is very important: avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism could ruin you. You need to learn how to respect intellectual property rights when you're doing business online. There are no ifs and buts about it and it could get you into legal hot water. Only create original works of art that you plan to sell.

6. Once you have finished the draft of your eBook or special report, be sure to proofread it for errors. Put it aside and then come back to it. You'll see it from a fresh perspective and obvious errors will stand out. Be sure to make corresponding corrections.

7. Once you have your error-free manuscript, it's always a good idea to design an attractive and attention-grabbing eCover for your eBook. People always say that no one should judge a book by its cover. But you know from everyday experience, this is simply not true. Many books, and many eBooks, are sold on the basis of their covers alone. Invest on a good eCover to boost your sales.

8. Consider the format for you ebook. The 2 most popular formats are .exe and .pdf. The only problem is that only windows users can run the .exe format and most people don't like to run .exe files for fear of viruses and spyware. An excellent choice would be to use the .pdf format. Being in .pdf format would allow more people to read your eBook, as a variety of computer platforms recognize this file type.

Once you have completed these steps, you will own an information product that is ready to be sold. Now that you've created an ebook you will want to sell it on the website. You'll need a website to do this.

Set Up A Content Site Or Blog On A Topic Of Interest

There are ways you can monetize this website or blog with the Google Adsense advertising program. You can also use product affiliate links. Research items of interest to the group you're targeting and provide relevant information they would be interested in. Once you develop one successful site, consider building several more. This is an excellent form of passive income after you have laid the foundation, just simply do it over and over again.

Hire Out Your Services

Are you good at graphic design, programming, writing? These skills are in demand, and hiring out your services can ensure a nice regular income. There are several sites online where you can list your services for hire. Popular sites are elance, rentacoder.com and scriptlance to name a few.

I have listed just a very few of the unlimited methods of having a work at home online business. Focusing on one or two of these is ideal - ensuring all your efforts are focused on a small target rather than scattered everywhere is the very best way to know if you are going in the right direction.

Keep in mind there are many forums and communities where you can seek help from people who have been working at home for years. And there are countless information products covering all facets of internet marketing. Although you've chosen to work at home, you are never truly alone in the world of internet marketing!
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