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Flexibility of Small Business Opportunities

Aug 17, 2007
Many couples are pursuing joint careers and also trying to raise a family. Unfortunately the demands of family life get in the way of these careers and suffer as a result. Many moms and dads have made the choice to make their families the priority and as a result have had to give up their careers. There are other choices that also have flexibility built in which allow both to coexist. We will review this concept in more detail throughout this article.

You are in a staff meeting with your boss and suddenly the phone rings. One of your children needs help at school or day care. Of course there is no hesitation, since your family comes first, you leave the meeting to deal with the situation at hand. As you are leaving, you glance at your boss who is wondering why you have rudely left his or her meeting. You wonder, will this be held against me? Will my next raise or promotion be delayed? Will that plum assignment go to the next person?

Many people have experienced this situation and realize that families come first and they just have to take their lumps as they come, negotiating the best deal they can relative to employment, raises and promotion.

A small business on the other hand offers much more flexibility, especially one that you operate out of your home. There is flexibility regarding when you do your work as long as you meet your customers deadlines. Now you can take the kids to school, dentist and doctor appointments without a seconds thought. Catching up can be done anytime, even after the kids have gone to bed. This flexibility provides many people with much more peace of mind and an overall improved quality of life, which is almost unknown for the corporate employee.

There is a down side, which must be managed of course. With your office in the next room, there can be a tendency to work longer hours even if they are early morning or late at night. Many small business owners, while enjoying the flexibility they have to work when they want actually find that they are working more hours than the average employee would. Finding the right balance between your personal life and work life is always a challenge even for those folks who enjoy the flexibility of running a small business out of their homes.

The best part of course is that you are the boss and when one of your children calls, there is no hesitation to help out and certainly no concern about what the boss is going to be thinking!
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