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How To Get Free Web Site Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
If you can get free web site traffic, then you're one step closer to turning a profit as you will have no outlay. A few techniques to generate free web site traffic will be covered in this article so you implement them and get started right away.

Forum Signatures

Forums are an extremely powerful advertising medium, if used correctly. Spamming a forum with countless posts just to advertise your signature link is a no-no! On the contrary, becoming a valued forum member by contributing helpful and meaningful posts will earn you trust, and therefore interest in your signature link.

Try to build up around fifty posts on a forum before advertising your web site in your signature. This sort of advertising can bring you an exceptional amount of free targeted traffic, as long as you're advertising your signature on a forum that's related to your web site's topic.

Article Submission

By submitting your article to free article directories with a link back to your website, you are benefiting in several ways. One significant benefit will be an increase in Google PageRank and link popularity.

This can give your website credibility. The second benefit is that you'll become known as an authority on the particular topic you are writing the article on. This can boost your credibility as well, because everyone likes to buy from a trusted expert.

Your web site traffic will increase as webmasters take your article and place it on their website. Your link will remain in all these articles which can be spread across several sites. This means you are essentially gaining free advertising! Hopefully some of these visitors will convert into buyers.

Another free traffic tactic is to form a joint venture with a successful internet marketer who has a large email list. This can be a marketer who would be interested in the product you are promoting or your web site.

If the marketer chooses to work with you, he will promote your web site to his subscribers, meaning potentially huge sales for you. In return, you might provide the joint venture partner with a promotional exchange if you have a large email list, or perhaps offer to write an ebook for free for him.

This sort of exposure can do wonders for your web site as all these new visitors can potentially become your customers!


Every internet marketer is faced with overcoming the lack of consumer confidence. The anonymity of the internet makes it difficult for any online marketer to win the trust of prospective customers.

If a third party would share some favorable words about the business and the product, his statement would boost the credibility of the website. Such is the importance of testimonials. They greatly contribute to the conversion rate the sales copy would manage to pull off, essentially because of their seemingly objective nature.

Almost every marketer will be on the lookout for people who will be willing to provide them some generously written testimonials. Some online marketers even go to the extent of giving away free samples of their products for review purposes.

One of the incentives to encourage favorable testimonials is to mention the testimonial giver's link on the sales page itself. If your link can be found in your competitor's sales page, then chances are, you are targeting the same market. Since the people who will be reading your competitor's sales page are already there, we could assume that they are highly targeted leads. Once they see your link, there is a great chance that they'd get transported to your own sales page, which would only work wonders for you.

Yes, by giving a favorable testimonial for your competitor's campaign, you'd be helping him bag more sales. But then again, internet marketing is not really a dog-eat-dog kind of business. His success can make the industry very healthy. And the fact that your link will be prominently displayed on his sales page could only mean that you could share his success, eventually.

So look for opportunities to provide testimonials, and take some time to prepare a good one. You'll gain traffic to your website and he might even return the favor with a testimonial of his own.

Forum signatures, article submission, joint venture deals and testimonials are all tried and tested free traffic generation methods. Try them all and see what works best for you!
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