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Residual Incomes from Real Products

Aug 17, 2007
Mot people when they think about making a residual income from their affiliate marketing, tend to think of digital products or services such as web hosting and auto responders. But why limit yourself to only one way of doing business? Just because you do your marketing online that does not mean that the only products that you can sell are digital. In fact the digital products market is very small compared with the real products marketplace. There are many products out there that you can not only market as an affiliate, but that can also earn you a good residual income for your home based business.

One of the hottest products at the moment are health related items. There are a great many people searching for that latest health supplement or vitamin that will help them to stay healthy and live to the full. Although there is a lot of competition, there is also a lot of business and a great many customers looking for products. Although many of the customers will just buy one time and not buy again, there is a good number that are looking to buy health related products on a regular basis.

The main thing is not to send then straight to the site with your affiliate link. If you send them there to buy then although you will get the commission for that sale, they will then just go to the main site when they want to buy more of the vitamins or health products. But if you get them used to ordering from your site and you can by pass the companies main sales site and go stright to the sales form, then you will have a very good chance that they will keep ordering from your site and you will have a very good residual income from your affilliate sales, for as long as they continue to use that product.

Health products are a great way to get a good residual income from your affiliate products as they are often products that are ordered on a regular basis. Be sure to offer several types of product on your site so that the customer sees you as a good well stocked site that they can order all of their products from. After a while your customers will keep ordering and giving you a good residual income from your affiliate programs that will grow as you add more traffic.
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