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Tips To Success With Various Article Marketing Methods

Aug 17, 2007
Writing articles has become crucial to promote your website and increase traffic, but none of this is possible without article marketing. Article marketing is the key to exposing your articles and getting them seen through the web. There are a number of ways you can go about distributing your article on the web and marketing your article and your website at the same time.

The best article marketing method out there is to submit it to article directories. There are thousands of article directories and article submission sites to submit your article to. From there, when people on the web are searching for an article related to yours there is the possibility they will see your article. If your content is intriguing and leaves the reader wanting more, they will click on your link and go to your website. Mission Accomplished!!

There are also a number of article submission companies that give you hundreds of article directories for a certain price. The most notable companies or sites are article submitter pro and article marketer. These sites have one time fees; after which you receive the software needed to submit your articles and you are on your way to marketing your article all over the web.

If you have a newsletter it is always a great article marketing solution to post your article in it. Fresh content is vital to a newsletter and adding an article every once in awhile keeps the readers interested. The more you post on your newsletter the more readers will want to return to see what else you have to say.

An article marketing method that is often overlooked is archiving your articles on your own site. Many people use article marketing to promote their site, so they find it useless to place the articles on their site itself. However, by placing articles on your site you are constantly adding fresh content and expanding the number of pages you have to your website.

From there you can make it easily accessible for newsletter publishers to download your articles. This way they can publish your articles in their newsletters to market your articles and website as well.

The last noted article marketing tip is to submit promotional ads on the bottom of your emails or through your autoresponder. In your email tell everyone they can receive a free article to place on their website if they sign up for something of yours. Or give them a link to the page of your article in your signature file on the bottom of your email. You would be surprised at how much response you can get from a small note at the bottom of an email.

There is no question article marketing is the new fad to success with your online business. It is a great way to get target traffic to your website while increasing your fresh content. By marketing your articles you can drastically increase your website traffic and provide your readers with a little taste of your knowledge on the subject.
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