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Resell Rights: A Turnkey Solution

Aug 17, 2007
Throughout the years, internet marketers have tried various packaging techniques. They have experimented with quite a number of these techniques and failed. But sometimes, their efforts rewarded them with substantially increased profits.

One of these packaging strategies is what we have come to know as turnkey or resell rights solutions. Why "turnkey"? It's because these packages are designed to provide a total solution for a particular need without anything else that is required. Solving the problem would be as easy as turning a key, hence the term 'turnkey.'

The best way to describe this kind of packaging technique is through an example.

Content sites are the rave these days. A lot of online marketers make a fortune by operating several content sites as a Google AdSense publisher. But there's a problem. Coming up with one content site requires a lot of work, and a lot of time. Even new ebooks are and software are available on ad daily basis. Many people simply don't have the time or the talent to produce and ebook or the technical knowledge to develop a software program.

This is where resell rights come into play. They have packaged a variety of products, software and services for a one stop solution. Resell rights packages may include the following:

** A fully designed website;
** Unique, high quality articles that can be used as content
** Preloaded AdSense block formats
** Preloaded Amazon affiliate links
** A selection of headers to choose from
** Some relevant graphics to support textual content
** The ebook, or software

Take an ebook on your favorite subject for instance. Someone out there has already created it, and they are selling the resell rights to this ebook. This means, that once you purchase the ebook with resell rights, you are free to sell this ebook forever.

So not only do you make your purchase price back in no time, you generate profits well into the future as well.

Resell rights packages are not limited to readymade content sites, of course. There are other needs that require total solutions. And total solutions can be prepared in so many ways, and that it is limited only by your imagination.

Resell rights can be profitable because you're generally able to set your own price on the item after you've purchased the resell rights to them. Normally resell rights can be bought for a small price compared to the potential profit you can generate from them.

Resell rights items can be found in several places. The first place to take a peek is eBay. Just type the phrase "resell rights" into the eBay search box and you'll find hundreds of items for sale.

Keep in mind that many of these products are sold over and over again. If you can, see if you can find resell rights products that are sold to a limited number of people, to ensure you aren't inundated with competition.

You can also join membership services that offer monthly resell rights products. These are an excellent way to gather products as memberships are normally limited to a small number of people, meaning that you only have one hundred or so other people to contend with when it comes to selling your resell rights products.

An excellent way to make your resell rights product stand out from the crowd is to repackage it. This means offering bonuses and incentives for people to buy from you. If you can present the product in a unique way, then people will choose to purchase it from you rather than from someone else who is offering a standard turnkey package.

Resell rights are a lucrative turnkey solution. Providing a product with your own unique twist on it can mean the difference between mediocre and massive earnings for your business. Such is the power of turnkey packaging, and you could fully use it to your advantage.
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