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A Guide To Having Fun Taking Online Surveys

Aug 17, 2007
Doing fun online surveys and being paid for them is a great way of generating extra income and most importantly, enjoying it! However, finding enough paid surveys online to make it a worthwhile experience is the challenge for most people.

Can You Make Money Taking Surveys?

Sure. However, the level of income is dependent on the type of survey being offered. Income can range from a few dollars up to several hundred. In the main, surveys will only take a few minutes to complete thus the reward will be smaller, usually from $5 to $20. For the larger payouts, participating in focus groups requiring up to two hours of your time will normally result in payments of several hundred dollars.

It's important to remember that few people are actually earning the type of money that will provide the lifestyle most desire. In this case, those who are earning several thousand dollars per month are experienced and seasoned survey takers who have cut through the maze and established themselves over a period of time. Getting a steady stream of income filtering into your bank accounts could depend largely on how many market research companies you register with. Registering with one or two won't get you a lot of invites: registering with many will.

This brings us to a very valid and crucial point. All survey marketing companies are not created equal and this is where experienced survey takers have the edge. Finding out who the top and legitimate companies are will require a little due diligence on your part but with a little effort and "leg work," it can pay off over time.

How Soon Will You Be Asked To Take A Survey?

The length of time it takes from the sign up process to receiving your first invitation varies quite considerably. The usual rule of thumb is anywhere from a week to a month but factors such as a person's profile need to be taken into account. Many surveys concentrate on specifics such as age, sex, demographics and habits so it's reasonable to expect you won't be eligible for every survey on offer.

Is Cash The Only Form Of Payment?

Having fun and earning money doing it is a hard combination to beat. Most people aim to generate a part time income that will help cut into a mortgage or car payment once a month. However, having fun doing surveys also incorporates being eligible for product offers. Don't expect to be offered cash payments every time you are offered a job. Often, trialling a product may be offered as payment instead of cash which could be anything from using a toaster to driving a new car for several days.You have the choice of whether to accept product offers.

Who Are You Giving Your Personal Information To?

Finally, be wary about giving personal information out. It's a "catch 22" I know. The sign up process requires providing information about yourself. This is where sticking with legitimate marketing companies is vital. Doing a check online will normally provides thousands of results. Concentrating on the top results is a good guideline. Always check to see if they have contact information, particularly via telephone. Being able to communicate with a "live" person always gives greater peace of mind.

Having fun taking online surveys could only be a few short applications away. Be realistic and don't expect to be able to retire within months of starting your survey career. If it's a little extra cash you're after every month then they can be a great option.
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