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Niche Product Creation for Beginners

Aug 17, 2007
You must be among those who have entertained a lot of '"what if's" in your mind. You know your strength and your opportunities. You have been on the net and found products there that are really not that hard to conceptualize. And yet you are not sure how to start.

Starting on a niche product creation is really right here, right now. The web and you.

If you have the ideas that you want to offer, those are as good a start as anything if not search the web. Many ideas can be taken out from there.

In whatever manner you would want to start, there are three basic steps that need to be done. Planning, organizing and follow up.

Since you are in the best position to know what you want, the best offering then will be what you would want for yourself or for your associates.

You can also try your family and friends and magazines as valuable sources. They can tell you current trends, what is hot and what they need to have and do. Creating products that are related to the current hot trends can give very good returns.

The web also offers many ideas for new niche product creation. There are lots of products offered in the web that only need improvement for it to be appreciated by a particular segment. Sometimes these products do not address your particular concern, excellent though they are. You can also repackage them, re bundle them and sell them as a new product.

A good way to do this is by going to the "public domain". Products whose copyrights have expired are posted there and you can turn it into products that will sell.

When the concept is ready, you can start getting into specifics. Sample questions that will help you to focus your niche product creation are:
What is the objective of the niche product creation?
What purpose does the niche product creation serve. Ask yourself questions that your customers are interested in like;
Is it for information or education, for entertainment, factual or fictional, suitable for downloads or will it include software, will it require updates?
What will the niche product creation do. How is it different from the other products already in circulation. What problems will it solve.
For what particular segment of the market is it targeted. Include here the status, age bracket, gender, lifestyles, income brackets, a single consumer, a bulk consumer, a business, etc. All for the purpose of trimming down your focus to a very specific target market?

The next step is to get your products out of the planning table. No matter what many people say, advertising your niche product creation with catchy dot com names makes your product not only invite more traffic to your products, it also gives it value.

Careful however in choosing a website. This will greatly affect your sales. Get a website with a single page copy on it. Multi page websites confuses customers by the number of options offered.

Make a good Sales Copy. The words you use, the way words are used, the page layout and the overall presentation of the product can turn very good products into poor sellers. Good products suffer from poor sales copies.

Follow up
Few people do this, yet this is one of the most powerful products of marketers. Surveys. Create survey questionnaires, add motivational materials to attract respondents, and you will be surprised by the ideas that will be added to yours. Asking questions can lead you to further improvements if not for a new niche product altogether.
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