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Build A Huge Number Of Incoming Backlinks And Get Free Targeted Web Site Traffic

Aug 17, 2007
The great thing is, that the free targeted traffic is not just a dream but a reality also. Search engines see the number of incoming backlinks like votes, which related web sites give to your site by setting your link on their page.

The search engines evaluate your site according to the number of incoming backlinks. The more your site has them, the more useful it is and the more higher search engines will place your site on the search result pages. And the more targeted web site traffic you will receive.

Sounds too easy to be true. But suprise, suprise, it is easy. The process is called web site optimization., which means using ways to get higher search engine position. So the key is to know, how search engines put all sites in certain order.

The first thing to get targeted web site traffic is to make a so called on page optimization.The keywords play a leading role in that process. As you know people search information in the internet by typing keywords or - phrases on the search bar and will get a list of pages as a result, which all include the keyword searched.

Now you understand that to be able to get the first place on the result page, you have to win all other pages. You can do this, it is not complicated, when you know according which factors search engines set the pages in certain order. The only target is to get the first place, because that will bring the maximum amount of targeted web site traffic to your site.

The keywords must be big enough but not too big, nor too small. You have to analyze the PR and the number of incoming backlinks at least from Google, MSN aand Yahoo. It has my experience that keywords make it possible to get on a certain result page and the number of incoming backlinks make it possible to increase the position and finally to reach the number one position.

This and only this, is the order of issues in the optimization process. It means that by using only huge number of incoming backlinks, you cannot reach your target. The direction is missing. Keywords will direct your site to the right search result pages.

Because free targeted web site traffic is so important, you may wonder how you can build the amount of incoming backlinks, which is needed. How to make other websites to set your backlink on their page. Maybe the best way is to write keyword articles and distribute them using some software, which will broadcast them into hundreds of directories and websites with the click of the mouse

These articles will do two things. They will form the required number of incoming backlinks and they will pre sell the idea of your page and then bring these warm visitors into your website.
Could you hope anything better to your internet home business?
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