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5 Tips On How To Take Time Off From Your Business Without Losing Momentum

Aug 17, 2007
What would you do it you had to take time off from your internet marketing business. Would you be able to come back to a business that was in as good of shape or maybe even better shape then when you left it?

Let's take a look at a couple of easy things you could do in advance to keep your business running without losing momentum.

With the number of stay at home moms this is a really godd question. Maybe you are going to have a baby and would like to take some time off from your business for several weeks after you get home. Some of you may need surgery and require time off. How about if you want to take an extended vacation and do it without checking your email everyday!

If it was me I would do 5 things.

1. Write 10 articles in advance and submit them to ArticleMarketer.com. Set the dates for them to submit these articles to the various directories 3 days apart. This way you will have 30 days of fresh articles going out with your bio box and another link to your website. If you do not use an article submission service you may want to start!

2. Pre-write several short blog posts around the content of my articles and set them to post 1 day after the articles go out. Be sure and include a link back to your home page in each post. Also link from home page to your blog to keep the search engines spidering your website.

3. Create a frequently asked question (FAQ) page on your website to answer the most common questions people have. You should do this anyway to help in your time management and make your prospects visit easier and more enjoyable for them.

4. Set up your email to automatically announce that your are off for awhile and the reason why. Give them the email address, on an emergency only basis, of someone to help you out while you are off.

5. Hook up with a friend or business partner to handle those absolutely have to reply to ASAP emergency emails. You can always return the favor at a later date.

Lastly enjoy the fact that you have set your business up to move on without you for a while and enjoy your time off if you can! The internet never sleeps which is a great thing. You can still make money online even when you are not working and this is one of the many great things about internet marketing.
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