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Are There Really Any Good Make Money Business Opportunities

Aug 17, 2007
If you spend any amount of time online searching for opportunities to make money with your own business you quickly realize that it is not as easy as it sounds. You may even find all of the different websites and opportunities confusing. I know I did.

I've never been one to fall for the get rich quick hype, but deciding who you can trust and believe is not an easy thing to do on the internet. I received an email the other day around this very subject. In it the writer asked this question to me "are there really any good make money business opportunities?"

Good question. What makes a business opportunity good in the first place? Here is my simple criteria.

1. Does it provide a product that solves a problem. This seems like a very basic question, yet I say it is the most important thing you have to answer. People search online for answers to questions. They are researching to solve problems. If you can do that for them you can make money. A good make money business opportunity has to do this.

2. Can you get back end support. If you am going to start a business on the internet you want the products you represent to have back end support if your customers need it. You want back end support for yourself as well. To make money online without any help is a hard thing to do. This support can come from discussion forums, the merchants themselves, or even a person who are joining starting your business with. The really only important thing is that you can get help.

3. Pricing is important. Any good make money business opportunity has to have products that are priced to sell as well as priced for you to make money selling them. If you over priced you will not sell. If you are underpriced you are leaving money on the table that could be more profit for you. A quick Google search for similar products can tell you right away if the business your are looking at joining or the product you are looking at selling is priced competitively.

4. What kind of marketing materials are available to promote your business and products. To make money online you need visitors to a website. This is called getting traffic. A really good business opportunity is going to provide you with good sales and marketing tools. Websites, graphics, classified ads, solo ads, email marketing materials, print advertising, and so on. If you have to do all of this yourself take a step back and ask yourself if you have the talent to do that.

5. Cost to get started. I put this last because a really good make money business opportunity could be free to start or it could cost thousands of dollars. A McDonalds franchise cost over $1 Million dollars to start, but you are almost guaranteed success. If you do your homework and answer the previous questions than you will know if the cost of the businesses you are looking at starting is worth it to you.

So I guess we have answered the question of are there really any good make money business opportunities. You have to do your research first. Do not take any shortcuts. Take your time and find something that appeals to you.
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