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A Review of the Plug-In Profit Site

Aug 17, 2007
The Plug-In Profit site was dreamt up by home business entrepreneur Stone Evans back in early 2003. After discovering how to make a massive income from home on the internet he decided to make it easier for others to follow in his footsteps and achieve their dreams of being financially successful.

What is the Plug-In Profit Site?

In a nutshell it's a home based business opportunities website built for free and within 24 hours using the domain name of the customer's choice and hosted on a Host4Profit server. The site promotes numerous affiliate programs and products including (at the time of writing):

- Web Hosting from Host4Profit
- Digital Products from Clickbank (e.g. E-books)
- A membership to Empowerism
- Advertising from Traffic Swarm
- Products from Strong Future International (SFI)

In addition to a website there is also a 300+ page free branded E-Book called Dotcomology and an auto responder with a pre-written series of letters to follow up with your customers.

How do you make money from a Plug-In Profit Site?

There are two main ways to make money:

(1) When visitors visit your site they may purchase one of the products advertised on your site, or follow an affiliate link to another site and make a purchase or join a program. If this happens you will earn a commission. The majority of products advertised are digital products and many pay out commissions of 50% and over.

(2) If someone else signs up for their own Plug-In Profit site from your site you will make a monthly residual commission from their hosting fees and from their Empowerism membership. At the time of writing this is $30 upfront and at least $17 per month per member thereafter.

How much does it cost?

The site itself is free, but there are still some startup costs and running costs for your site. At the time of writing the costs are:

- Startup - $59.90 (Hosting + Domain Name + Empowerism Membership)
- Monthly Cost - $44.90 (Hosting + Empowerism Membership)

What are the benefits?

There are numerous advantages, but to summarise, these include:

- Reduced Learning curve - your site & auto responder are up and running in 24hrs. Setting up a website could normally take weeks or months for someone without the technical know how.

- No Technical Knowledge Required - it is possible to be successful without having any technical knowledge such as. HTML and PHP. Only basic PC skills are required.

- Training & Support - the site comes with a training plan called "30 days to Success" written by Stone Evans himself. There is also a support helpdesk and a support forum where members share ideas and help each other.
- Residual Income - many of the products and memberships promoted on the site provide a recurring monthly income. This means that one single sale can provide many months of income.

- Customizable Site - The website is 100% customizable. Products can be added and removed, the look of the site can be changed and new pages added.

What are the disadvantages of a Plug-In Profit site?

Despite all the good points there are a few points that some may see as bad points.

- Competitive Niche - the site promotes products to the home business opportunity market. This market is very competitive so may be harder to break into than other niches. It is however one of the biggest markets on the internet.

- Not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme" It is unlikely that you will make money overnight with this opportunity, unless of course you are already an experienced internet marketer. From my own personal experience it took around 4 months to start generating a monthly profit.

- Effort is required - it isn't possible to have the site built for you then sit back and do nothing. Time and effort is required to promote the site.

Is a Plug-In Profit Site the right choice for everyone?

Finally, is this opportunity the right one for you? The answer to that question really depends on you and your circumstances.

The opportunity is suitable for complete beginners due to the fact that the website comes ready built and with a training plan, but it is also a good program to choose if you are an experienced internet marketer due to the substantial residual commissions.

If you have no interest in the home business opportunity market or don't have a few hours a week to spare to promote your website then this is certainly not the opportunity for you.

On the other hand, if this market interests you, you have time available to promote your site and you can afford the monthly cost then it certainly is worth pursuing.
About the Author
Suzanne Morrison has been a Plug-In Profit site affiliate since 2004 and earns a good monthly income from this opportunity. You can find out more by visiting her Plug-In Profit Site Blog and see her Plug-In Profit Site Special Offer here.
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