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Affiliate Marketing Explained In An Easy Way To Understand

Aug 17, 2007
Affiliate marketing is getting paid to sell other people's products. Easy enough to understand, but a little hard to actually do because most people go about it wrong. Here are the basics explained in a way you can understand.

1. Do not use the affiliate website the merchant gives you. When you join an affiliate program you will get the same exact web page as everyone else except it has your i.d. number coded in it so you get credit for the sale. Don't use this exact same website. Design your own referal or testimonial page. This is called landing page or squeeze page. Offer your own insight into the product. If you own it tell all of the good things you like about it.

This is called pre-selling and is the number one mistake most affiliates make. They do not do it at all! Here is your big chance to be different and make more sales in the process. Is this easy enough to understand?

2. Learn basic HTML and get a template that you can use for all of your landing pages. This may be the hardest thing you do, but once you learn it there id nothing you can not do online.

3. Start a blog for the product you want to sell. Blogger.com is quick and easy to set up. Learn how to post in your blog. Have a link at the end of each post that sends your reader back to your landing page. As you begin to post more and more you can develop your reputation as an expert on the affiliate products you sell.

Let's summarize what we have said so far about your affiliate marketing business. First of all do not use the merchant websites you are given. Send your visitor to a landing page that offers some pre-selling by you. Differentiation is the key to making more sales. Buy a domain name that allows you to sell different products off of it. Get a good hosting company to build your landing pages on. Learn basic HTML so you can build a landing page for each product. Start a blog and post in it with a link back to your landing page.
As you get more experience your sales will increase. You will develop a system for running your business that works for you. Just don't ignore the basics of affiliate marketing.
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