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What You're Probably Not Doing on The Internet That Is Making You Lose Money

Aug 17, 2007
For many people, trying to make your 1st sale online can be tough in the beginning, as you probably will know by now. Some of the better known marketers only started making money, breaking even, after 2 years. One top internet marketer I know made his million after 5 years, but what you don't hear is the credit card debt he chalked up in his early years.

But does it have to take so long just to break even? 2 years? That's a long time don't you think, and a scary thought at that. How many online internet marketing hopefuls would have fallen by the wayside by the 1st year, not for lack of zeal but for lack of funds in the internet marketing war chest. There are many factors that can cause one to not make money in the 1st 6 months.

Here's 1 less mentioned aspect that if not mentioned can kill your quest for internet marketing riches.
Poor knowledge of where your traffic is coming from. Being clueless on this and by not tracking where your traffic is coming from, you're in deep doo doo, and don't even know it.

Solve this by using an ad tracker. Yes it does cost money, so to make sure your investment is well protected, ensure that your back end is well set up before going out to purchase one. This means that your conversion page, video testimonials, audio testimonials, payment processor, any kinks in your product be completely ironed out before starting a campaign to drive traffic to your site.

Timing of when you purchase an ad tracker is important. Only purchase the ad tracker, just AFTER the sales page and product is 100% perfect, and just BEFORE you start on your traffic driving campaign. Its quick to setup and easy to use.

Some people think that ad tracking is not important, well, if you don't do it, a lot of money spent on fruitless advertising is going to be repeated over and over again, just like a bad golf swing that has not been corrected because one did not use a mirror or coach to correct the faults. I don't mean to scare anyone, but take it from someone who spent more then $5000(and $5000 is not alot, some people I know spent more then $10000 before learning this). Imagine you're aiming for the bull's eye. By blind folding yourself, you're practically aiming blind and shooting in the dark. Having an ad tracker is like shooting with both eyes wide open and seeing the target clear as day.
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Sherman Choo is a creator of "Internet Membership Income" systems. Find out how 2 college grads minted money in Asia within 6 months of being online using effective ad tracking.
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