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How to Choose a Good Link Directory

Aug 17, 2007
In choosing a directory in which to submit your link, consider the following factors.

First, the directory should have a good reputation. Some directories, especially the newer ones, may not have as much quality control as the more reputable directories. This means, they build link popularity by including almost any site without putting a premium on the quality of the site. Because of this, search engines such as Google give low value to the sites listed in these directories or ban them altogether. It is always better to submit your site to a directory that lists quality links rather than to a directory that accepts any link only to build link popularity.

Other factors are the cost of the listing and the time it takes to process it. Some directories charge a one-time fee of as low as $25 up to an annual fee of as much as nearly $300. The link can be listed in a few days. Free directories are the best option for low-budget sites. The trade-off, however, is the length of time it takes for the link to be included in the directory vary anywhere from a week to several months. In some cases, registration as a member or as a volunteer editor is also required.

This is true for the Open Directory Project or DMOZ (dmoz.org), which offers free listing. The links are screened by volunteer editors, and the processing takes anywhere from one to six months. In the end, however, it is well worth it because DMOZ is regarded as a reputable directory that lists only sites of good quality. As a webmaster, your goal should be to get your site listed in a high quality directory. Big name directories such as DMOZ can send you large amounts of traffic if you get your site listed, and you should make it your goal to get your site listed in the top link directories.

Other directories that come highly recommended are the following:

1. Yahoo Directory The Yahoo Directory ranks second to DMOZ in popularity. Users can get their links listed for free, or choose to pay a fee. Free listing can take months to process. Paid listing is usually completed in a few days. In contrast, it may take you weeks to get your site listed with free directories.

2. Zeal Non-commercial sites are listed for free, but only after completing a 20-question quiz. Processing takes one to two months. On the other hand, commercial sites are paid but are listed within a few days.

3. DM Web Directory provides paid listing. After submitting your link, it will be listed within a few days.

4. JoeAnt is gaining in popularity. Listing is free but requires registration as an editor before a link can be submitted.

5. Gimpsy is another directory providing options for both paid and free listing. Unlike other sites, it lists categories and links as answers to user questions.
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