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Veteran Chiropractic Assistant Shows Chiropractors How to Get Claims Paid the First Time

Aug 17, 2007
In 1981, Lisa Bilodeau didn't even know what chiropractic was. Now, more than 20 years later, she's the president of Chiropractic Success Systems. So, how did Bilodeau go from novice to industry expert?

It all started in 1981 in northern California.

"I needed a job, and the unemployment office sent me over to a chiropractic office," shares Bilodeau, who is also a columnist for Dynamic Chiropractic. "Needless to say, I had no idea what a chiropractor was. I couldn't even pronounce the word. I just needed a job and they needed a receptionist."

Bilodeau had no idea that interview would change her life and, through her, the chiropractic industry. She recalls that one of the five doctors in the practice had a small model spine in the consultation room where they interviewed her.

"He took the model and he explained to me what chiropractic was and what chiropractors do, and what subluxation is," Bilodeau says. "I just got goosebumps. I fell in love with it, right there. I, of course, got the job, and the rest is history."

Bilodeau says she knew immediately that she was entering an amazing profession.

"I come from a medical background, so the whole chiropractic world was very foreign to me, but I just knew in my heart and soul, that's what healthcare was meant to be," she explains.

Despite her lack of experience, that initial step took Bilodeau on a 20-plus-year journey of discovery. She devoted herself to doing everything she could to improve the office side of the chiropractic profession. That included producing "clean claims" and billing techniques that resolved denials--expertise she now shares with chiropractors and CAs through Chiropractic Success Systems and her many speaking engagements.

"Probably the biggest mistake when hiring is not doing a thorough testing procedure," reveals Bilodeau. "The testing is very important, and following up on references is crucial."

"I think a lot of times chiropractors don't use enough paperwork, believe it or not," Bilodeau explains. "There are a lot of required forms, and that's a lot of what we cover in the seminars.

"A lot of doctors think they need to cut corners because it's going to upset the patient if they need to do certain paperwork, but it really is crucial," she concludes. "They need to make sure they have all the proper paperwork for every new patient who comes through their office so they can avoid any problems further down the road."
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