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The Simply Spectacular Search Engine Sucking Secrets

Aug 17, 2007
OK, so you have a website. It's been lovingly crafted by your own delicate hands (or by some poor freelancer) and it stands proud on the information superhighway waiting for the thousands of visitors to come beating down a path to your home page...

Except, they're not coming.

You've got a trickle of visitors each month, just one or two a day if you're lucky. This isn't how it's meant to be. You've built such a wonderful site, how come people aren't desperate to visit it? How come people aren't devouring your sparkling prose and dying to know the info housed in its virtual walls?

The truth is building a good site is only part of the job when you want a successful website.

It's a whole other kettle of fish getting visitors. In fact some people would pay thousands of dollars to know the techniques which could get them to the top of Google. Luckily for you, keep it simple and you'll achieve the same success. All you need are the right tools and the most crucial of things, which you already have right? A decent website.

That's right, it's not enough to get visitors simply by making a great info-packed site, but at the same time, the one thing you need to get and keep visitors is the very same info-packed site. Once you get those first few visitors through the door, a snowball effect can take hold as word of mouth and Web 2.0 technologies take over and, sometimes overnight, you can achieve a huge boost in traffic.

A lot has been written recently about how linking to other sites is bad for search engine optimization. Garbage! As long as you link to websites on the same topic of yours, and crucially they link back, you'll have no problem getting valuable traffic.

The key here is once again to have a website filled with eye-wateringly beautiful content. Well, ok, it doesn't have to be Shakespeare, but the point is to think of your readers. If you happen across a site that is full of useless information, that is riddled with spelling mistakes and bad grammar, that looks, for want of a better term, spammy, what do you do? You head somewhere else and you certainly never return to that site.

Make you site a traffic magnet by transforming it into a content rich site that adds value to the web. Then, in turn people will want to link to you. In time, people will link to you whether you ask them to or not, giving you hundreds, nay thousands, of back links and all the traffic you can handle.

The moral of this story then is not to concentrate on the latest internet marketing tricks or fads, but to think of the surfer himself. Amongst the millions of web pages, what can make yours stand out? Find the answer and you'll have an income stream that could last you your lifetime... and beyond.
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