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Is the Military for You

Aug 17, 2007
Nothing is as difficult as choosing your career, unless of course, you are one of those who have their sight on distant horizons. There are so many career options to choose from and if you are considering the military, you should know all about it before you jump to a decision. There are many counseling websites that readily answer all your queries and soothe all the concerns you may have.

Lets learn about the military and what it offers you as a career. In the U.S army there are 4,100 different officer and entitled placements for both, full-time and part-time duties. Every year the U.S army hires 365,000 people in more than 4,100 categories.

Military jobs have been divided into two broad categories, enlisted and officer and each service demands different requirements. The details are:


Qualification: High school diploma or equivalent.

Job category: Office work, transportation, mechanical, human services and important combat jobs.

Share in total military service: 85% of service personnel.

Pay grade: E-1 to E-9


Qualification: College degree or more.

Job category: Managerial, professional and technical jobs.

Share in total military service: 15% of service personnel.

Pay grade: O-1 to O-9

To find out which job category is in line with your educational qualifications, skill-set and temperament, you could take an ASVAB test. The military recognizes ASVAB scores. Students in junior high school can take the test along with the senior high school students and the postsecondary students. The test scores can be used for enlisting with the military for two years after taking the test. Students can also retake the test at any time. ASVAB tests not only map the ability of student to do a particular job, it also opens up other career vistas at the same time, by mapping their scores with other career options as well.

If you want a life of discipline, with a mission, you need to identify a career that is rewarding as well as adventurous. Even if you feel that you are best suited for the army, look before you leap and evaluate all the aspects. Enlist only after you have considered the option well. Every year thousands of individuals take on the responsibility of protecting the land, maintaining peace and providing relief to those hit by calamities. The conditions as well as the environment of work can be very challenging.

Being selected for a non-combat job does not guarantee that the work atmosphere will always be safe. Any job category within the military requires self-discipline, intense physical training and work, education and a dedication to fight and excel in any environment. The benefits of the service are many, including training, educational support, honor, travel, good pay and not to forget the adventure involved. However, a military service means time away from family and friends. Weigh all the pros and cons of the service properly and if you still think that a life of discipline, mission and adventure is what you are looking for, you need to consider the army.
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