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Recruitment in the Army

Aug 17, 2007
To enlist for military service is a dream for many students. It involves a lot of discipline thorough the job training, advance study monetary assistance, the need to cultivate leadership skills, lead an adventurous life and above all the urge to serve the country. If you want to enlist yourself with the military services, you can opt for the online application procedure. The recently developed army enlistment process allows the candidate to first evaluate and match his interests and abilities and only then decide on which job category he fits into. It also helps candidates with the entire recruitment process.

The information collected by the army enlistment personnel is kept private and confidential until the candidate himself chooses to divulge it to a recruiter. You will first come across a set of questions that you can complete all at once or save it, to complete later. Once the questionnaire is completed, the enlistment process starts matching your profile and interest with a detailed list of services in the database of the army server and then it lets you know about the results. The questionnaire involves:

Step 1:

The first step enquires personal information. This is an important step and hence you need to provide all the information accurately, so that the database can provide a list of jobs best suited for you.

Step 2:

Next, choose the timeframe in which you want to apply for the service, so that the database can check for the available jobs within that time frame.

Step 3:

Searching for the availability of jobs may take some time and in that time you can review and select the jobs of your preference.

Step 4:

Once you get the list of jobs available, matching your profile, start prioritizing them as per your interests.

Step 5:

The online enlistment procedure has the Army Career explorer option that guides you in a simple way to begin your online enlistment procedure. After the first step, take the help of the career explorer and keep on providing information within the slots provided. Finally, when you have finished completing the application, send it to your military recruiter. To discuss the other details about the recruitment process, your recruiter will contact you.

The U.S military offers 4,100 jobs in various categories. Choosing from such a list is not easy and it is absolutely imperative that you choose the job that not only interests you, but also matches your skills. Read the brochure thoroughly and dont rely only on military recruiters. You can also log onto a chat room, one that caters to military personnel and ask the newly recruited candidates all the questions that bother you. A much better option would be talking to a person who has military experience, who is currently serving or has successfully completed both, the basic and advanced military training.

However, avoid talking to those who left the military under less-than-honorable services, like those who were discharged for non-compatibility. You need to take the entrance test for enlisting in the service. If you are opting for a service after secondary school education, you can opt for ASVAB, but if you desire the officer rank after finishing college, your ACT and SAT scores will have to be good enough. You can avail of additional choices in the military if you perform well and score well. Therefore, dont take the ACT or SAT scores lightly and study well, before taking the exam.
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