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Question: What's the Key Secret to Increasing Your Sales & Profits by as Much as 917%?

Aug 17, 2007
If you want to pump up your websites sales, profits, leads and customer base then this might be the most important article you'll ever read.

What's the secret to boost up your profits through the ROOF? It is nothing but creating a killer 'money-making' follow up system.

Why does follow up help your website to close more sales ? Here's the reason...

1. No one buys from a website on his first visit.

People normally visit internet for free stuff and information.

There are very few who really surf for purchasing stuff online. But maximum just surf for valuable information relating to their interest.

It is a proven research that a visitor visits a site approximately 7 to 8 times before making a buying decision.

To get your visitor to your site again and again it is absolutely important to have a killer follow up system in place.

2. Your Visitor does not know you. Your visitor has NO reason to trust you.

He has not seen you nor has he spoken with you.

Why will he purchase your product ? There are many psychological blockers that exist in your visitors mind before he purchases your product.

These blocks can be cleared by regularly being in touch with your visitors.

3. Build Relationship. Follow up helps you to build relationship with your subscribers.

The trust that you create using a creative follow up system will exist long and help you to sell all your future products as well as affiliate products.

Build relationship with your subscribers and then get them to purchase your product.

You will be amazed as to how quickly your product sells.

4. Give Valuable Content. Provide valuable content relating to your niche.

Your follow up system stuffed with valuable content will NOT only help you to close more sales but create a valuable list of 1000s of people that consider you as an expert in your niche.

You will have ready made database to fire in future that will sell ALL your future products like HOT cakes.

5. Gain respect of your visitor. Your visitors will start respecting you.

They will consider you as a helpful expert in your niche rather than a salesman.

Infact they will approach you for any help and product reviews and will be open to do business with you.

6. Lack of Time. There are many visitors who visit your site for the first time and due to lack of time consider checking it later.

This happens with my site ALWAYS. Salesletter of my site is around 25 pages and it is next to impossible for my visitors to read my entire salesletter in one shot.

Therefore they visit my site for few days to read my entire salesletter before making a buying decision.

What if your visitors forget visiting your site the next time they surf ? It is possible that they forget your offer or your website address.

Hey, you've just lost a prospective customer. By following up with your visitors by grabbing their name and email address you can put your website and offers in front of them regularly.

This makes them visit your site and check it again. This helps your site to close more sales.

7. Sell Yourself. It is a proven fact that if you want to be successful online, learn to sell yourself before you sell your product.

Sell your visitors on the benefits of doing business with YOU and giving you their money. Build a rock-solid relationship and get them to trust YOU.

Build your credibility and then put your offers in front of them. Then see your profits EXPLODE.

Help your subscribers to make money, lose weight or anything related to your niche and in return they will help you by purchasing your products and filling up your bank account with cold hard cash.
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