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Why Companies Offer Paid Surveys Online

Aug 17, 2007
It's a hard concept for some people to understand, but it's true, some companies actually do offer paid surveys online. Whether it's a market research firm, a cosmetics company, a producer of food products or even an provider of services, many different businesses conduct regular market research online and they pay participants for taking part.

But why would a company offer paid surveys online?

There are several answers to that question and when they're all looked at the reasons behind this trend begin to make sense. Let's look at some of the major reasons:

Common courtesy
Many companies pay people to take part in focus groups and other types of surveys to help them develop products and services. Taking part in an online survey is no different. The company is asking people for their valuable time, so it's a matter of common courtesy to pay them for their troubles - whether it's in actual cash, coupons or products and services. What exactly a company will offer for the trouble of completing a survey will vary, but some offer fairly decent cash payments, good products and more.

Ability to find people who will take part
Half the battle in getting a survey completed is actually finding participants. If an online survey is offered with a payment of some form or another attached, people are more apt to take part. It's a simple fact that most people have very busy, busy lives. If they don't get even a small token for their time, it's hard to get them to answer questions, even if it's for a product or service they actually care about.

Attention grabber
This goes in with actually finding people willing to take part, but a cash payment or gift offer that's real can really capture the attention of the people a company wants to take part in a survey. There's nothing like getting paid to simply offer up opinions that catches people's attention!

Willingness to stick with it
Some companies have a lot of questions to ask and they need answers all the way through. It's hard for most people to sit down and fill out a survey or answer 50 questions on the phone unless they're getting something in return for their time and efforts. By offering paid surveys online, companies that require research can have a better assurance that participants will finish the questions and carefully weigh each answer. This can be particularly important for companies that are gleaning information for the development of new products and services. If answers aren't complete or well thought out, the company runs a serious risk of failure if it moves forward based on the survey results.

While it's true some offers are not always legitimate, there are many reputable companies and market research firms that offer paid surveys online. They're not looking to take participants to the cleaners either. They simply want to find people who will answer questions all the way through to help them make major decisions about how they're doing and/or what they should be doing to make them and their products more successful.
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