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Why Limit Yourself By What Others Are Doing?

Aug 17, 2007
It's natural to compare ourselves with others to a certain extent. You look at someone else and wish you could be doing as well as they are. But did you ever stop to think that you are limiting yourself by doing so?

This is especially common for at home parents. You see how well your friend's children are doing in school and wish yours would do the same. You note with pride when your children are doing better.

Is that really worthwhile? Your children and hers are very different individuals. Think about how much you hated to be compared with friends or siblings. It's better to pay attention to what your children are good at than to worry about what someone else is better at.

If you run a home business, you're probably limiting yourself by comparing yourself to others as well. Sure, you may have decided to get started after seeing how much someone else was earning, the home they bought, the cars, the vacations....

So what?

Don't worry so much about how much better they're doing. Spend more time figuring out how to make the most of the skills you have and improve them. Being envious can be motivation, but it can also waste a tremendous amount of time.

Take a look at what is challenging you and figure out how to work through it. There can be all kinds of problems. Some are easily fixed while others are not. There's no good cure other than time for small children underfoot, after all!

If a problem can be fixed, however, it's well worth the time. Talk to your husband if he's making things more difficult for you. Figure out ways to keep the kids busy. Learn to manage your time better.

I can tell you that I've gone through times where it was very hard to find time for my business and times where I had plenty. For a time I was coping with at least two doctor's appointments every week for my son, who was wearing a helmet to fix his craniosynostosis. I don't know how a mom working outside the home would have managed it, but working at home gave me the flexibility I needed. But I sure lost a lot of good working time giving him the care he needed, and it was frustrating seeing other people talk about improving their businesses.

We don't all have to be supermom. We don't have to keep perfect homes, cook perfect meals, raise perfect kids while volunteering and running successful home businesses. Life generally doesn't work out like that. Stop paying attention to the people who seem to life that way and pay attention to what you want to achieve.
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