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Are You Using These 3 Types Of Strategic Internet Marketing Steps?

Aug 17, 2007
Strategic internet marketing requires you to spend time everyday managing your business and the steps you are taking to run it on the internet. Regardless whether you do mostly email marketing, have a money making website, or both, profitable internet marketing can be achieved if you work at it.

The quickest way to get your business online is with pay per click advertising. A pay per click ad campaign should be a part of your strategy from day one. Learning how to bid on keywords that relate to the content of your site and then managing those bids to give you the highest possible return is not as easy as it may sound. You are definitely going to want to spend some time learning before you start spending. The sooner you master the basics off this internet marketing strategy, the quicker you can drive traffic to your website or autoresponder if you use one. Of course you can always hire an internet marketing expert to help you or even run this for you.

Every successful strategy for marketing on the internet has to include search engine optimization. Getting your web pages to rank highly with the various search engines can bring you years and years of free traffic. The goal should be to rank highly for your primary Keywords with Google, Yahoo and MSN. These 3 search engines drive over 90% of all search engine traffic. Take the time to learn what they want on your pages. Everything from your title, page description, headline tags, alt tags, bolding and underlining keywords, keyword density and much more should be looked at. There are companies sprouting up all over the place that claim they are SEO experts. Ask to see one of their personal websites. If they can not do it right for themselves, do not pay them to do it right for you.

Article marketing should be included in your internet strategy for marketing your business. Articles allow you, or the person you hire to write them for you, to establish credibility with your audience. You are allowed to include a bio box at the end of every article that includes your website address. This is a great strategy for driving free traffic to your website. Once you get them there the rest is up to you!

They key to putting together a successful internet marketing strategy is to master on thing and then add another. Putting all of your eggs in one marketing basket is a bad idea, but so is jumping all over the place without ever mastering one of the strategies. Jack of all trades and master of none is o.k. only after you have become a master of one to start with. Strategic internet marketing will only be achieved by working hard at it everyday.
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