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Refining Your Keyword Phrases

Aug 17, 2007
The secret to success on the internet lies in your keywords. It is the keywords in your articles and content that pulls people to your website and this is why lots of emphasis is now placed on choosing the right keywords. Sometimes, just by refining your keyword phrases, you will increase traffic to your website.

The first thing that has to be understood is that keyword phrases could be considered the building blocks of success to your website. People are usually confident that they know the ideal keyword phrases to be used on their ewbsites. However, this is not always true because sometimes the same keyword phrases give different implications to different websites. The best means of refining your keyword phrases would be by making your customers suggest keywords that will best describe your business or company.

You will be surprised at the varied types of keyword phrases that you are sure to receive. Sometimes, you may even feel that your customers speak a completely different language from yours! However, once you have a list of potential keyword phrases to be used on your website, you could try adding some variations, plurals, and derivatives to the existing keyword phrases.

Then looking at the keyword phrases, you could evaluate each keyword phrase to find out which keyword phrase is most probable to draw in maximum traffic to your website. The main criteria to use, to decide on the best keyword phrase would be popularity, specificity, and the motivation of the user. Of course, choosing through popularity is the best means of refining your keyword phrase. This is because it is basically, not subjective and can be found out using keyword search tools like Word Tracker.

With such tools, you not only learn about the popularity of the keyword phrase, but also learn about some additional key phrases and variations. By comparing the popularity number for each keyword phrase, the higher the number, the higher the traffic the keyword phrase will pull to your website. However this is not the only way of deciding on the right keyword phrase to be used.

Besides being popular, use the keyword that is specific to the content of your article and website. This means that the keyword should be more descriptive to the matter, and not just a general keyword. For example, instead of debt, credit card debt is a better keyword phrase; keeping in mind that it is the longer keyword phrase that pulls in more traffic to your website. With longer keywords, you have less competition with the search engine queries.

Another point that has to be kept in mind when refining keyword phrases is that, you need to keep the motivation of the user in mind. That is, if you have a choice between two keyword phrases, it is better to use the keyword phrase that the internet user is more likely to use in search engines, and will most probably prefer. Sometimes even subtle changes in keyword phrases will play a difference in the traffic to your website.

Today, with the help of some tools on the internet, it is possible to decide which keyword phrases are more popular on the internet. With this software, it is possible to find out the type of people who usually visit your website, who downloads demos you have and which type of people fill out your contact information.

With this information, you can find out which keywords drew these visitors to your site, and thus eliminate unwanted keywords. You can then refine your keyword phrases to use keyword phrases that drive maximum traffic to your website.
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