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Article Marketing - What the Experts Will Not Tell You

Aug 17, 2007
The reason so many webmasters fail at article marketing is because they do not know the key points to the strategy. If you are writing with no proven direction then you are just wasting your time. It is imperative that you follow these proven steps if you want to start succeeding in your article marketing campaign.

- Providing your viewers with valuable information is essential. But alone it will not pave the way to article marketing success. Valuable information must be implemented by a personalized, eye-catching writing style. If you are not doing this then you are most likely losing loads of valuable clicks to your signature block.

- Create an eye-catching title. It is a proven fact that the title of your article is what makes it sell. There are so many webmasters simply wasting their time by creating a quality article only for it to sit in place and collect dust because of poor title writing. I find that using your keyword in the first three words of the title provides the best results.

- Take time when creating the signature block because this is the time to sell yourself and your product. Second to poor title creation, poor signature block writing is sure to point your viewers in other directions. When you write the signature block do not just place your name and the URL to your web site. You need to convince your viewers that they need to click on that link or they are missing out on something big.

- Now that you have created an eye-catching article with a signature block that tells your viewers they better click or they will miss out; you need to find places to submit it to. Many people believe that mass distribution is the way to go. What they do not know is that laziness does not pay off. Search engines do not like to find the same content over hundreds of sites; most being low ranking. What they do like to find is the same content on five or six high quality sites. This says that the content is worthy of high search engine placement. Find the top five or six article directories and submit to them only.

Bear all of the mentioned ideas in mind and your article marketing campaign will prove to be very profitable in the future. A solid article marketing campaign can take time but if you stick to it, you will see incredible results.
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