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How To Master The Art-And-Science Of Making Your First $1000 On The Internet?

Aug 17, 2007
If you want to make $1000 online, then I urge you to read this article immediately and apply the 6 block formula instantly.

Block 1 - Select Your Niche.

Let us assume that you're interested in cooking soups. This is your area of interest.

If yes, make sure you get started with this niche. Do a little research in this area.

Move on to inventory.overture.com and check out demand for this niche. Now visit google.com and check out how many people are searching for this niche. This is nothing but competition that exists in this niche.

Once you have researched the demand and competition and have selected a niche with high demand and low competition stats move on with step 2.

Block 2 - Choose Your Passion.

Before starting your internet business with the niche that you have selected please make sure that you're passionate enough and extremely interested in the niche where you're moving on.

The reason is that you will have to spend a whole lot of time working on your website doing all sort of tasks like content creation, product development, customer support, etc.

If you're not passionate about your niche, it will be a huge headache for you to manage and run your internet business. But if you're in love with your niche, you will feel as if you're playing and enjoying while you're working on your site.

So make sure you take this step absolutely seriously.

Block 3 - Design a Simple but Killer Website.

Your website should be extremely simple. Flashy and corporate type websites donot sell. Donot load your website with tons of graphics, marque effects, flash and heavy design.

Simple navigation structure with decent graphics and powerful website copy sells products like crazy. It is absolutely easy to design such a simple site and the benefits are huge.

Make sure that your site loads fast, this is absolutely important or else your visitors will close your site before even taking a look.

Block 4 - Stunning Website Copy.

Your website copy must force your visitors to remove their credit card and order your product.

There are many pointers that you have to keep in mind while writing a killer copy.

Convey your product benefits in a one to one tone. While reading your website your visitors must feel as if you're sitting right besides them giving them an absolute solution to their problem step by step.

Donot speak about yourself or your company only on your website. Speak about your visitors and tell the biggest benefits that your product or service will provide them instantly.

Include a strong guarantee and take away their risk of dealing with you. Provide your contact details and give terrific customer support.

And make sure you tell them to take action and purchase your product right now. Do everything you can to convince them to order NOW. Give them a limited time bonus or a discount to make sure that they pick up their butt, remove their credit card and order your product right NOW!

Block 5 - Traffic, Traffic and More Traffic.

Once your site is up and ready to profit, the only thing that is left for you to make you tons of money is to drive lazer targeted traffic to your site.

Write and submit articles to article directories, be active in discussion forums, get involved with pay per click search engines, place ads in ezines, do some offline marketing, get involved in blogging, create search engine optimized theme based content sites and do anything and everything to get tons of visitors to your site.

Block 6 - Make Money at the Backend.

Here's a killer strategy that top named internet marketing gurus use to make tons of money.

They sell a high quality low priced product first. Once the customer gets convinced with the quality customer support these gurus offer a high priced product at the backend in the range of $199 to $999.

You can apply this same tactic to grab tons of money from your existing customers and make continuous money on autopilot with the help of your autoresponder system.

Apply the above 6 block formula and I bet you will be close to hitting your $1000 mark very soon.
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