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Aug 17, 2007
Success is very personal. One has a target of $ 400 a month and when he earns $ 450 he regards himself successful. Another has a target of $ 5.000 a month and when he earns $ 4.500 he is very, very unhappy.
$ 4.500 versus $ 400. The question is about targets.

Everybody understands that targets are important. Best internet marketers can set their targets so that they can do better than their targets. That makes very good to the motivation. To win himself. Wow, what a feeling!

One of the most difficult tasks for a starter entrepreneur is to understand on what level he is as to the knowledge. As a matter of facts, it is impossible. So the question is, how to set targets and what targets to set?

To become a successful online business owner, you have to save and protect your motivation, which is and will be the engine of your new business. The great want to run the business so good, that you save the motivation.
In order to do that, you have to do two things.
1. To make enough successful promotions and
2. to avoid too big risks, especially as to spending money.

Best entrepreneurs concentrate in the beginning to learn from those, who have already experiences. This happens in two ways, first by visiting regularly at good forums and secondly by reading writings and ebooks of appreciated people of the industry.

In this way a newbie can understand, what he knows and what is worth to do. All best home based business owners have gone this route, nobody has born with all necessary knowledge and experience in their heads.

Another benefit, which comes from learning is that internet marketer will learn how to promote his business for free or with extremely modest spending. And see even long term effects.

A successful internet marketer will build his business step by step. That is very motivating. Very soon he will think, that he is one of the best home based business promotors. You are the best, if you think you are the best. But you have to earn that position in the eyes of yourself. That is extremely motivating.

So to become successful entrepreneur you have to understand that you know nothing in the beginning. The combination of excitement and non professionalism is dangerous. Many will destroy their motivation and future by jumping into the world of exciting promotions without having enough knowledge.

This happens very often and is maybe the biggest reason for early stop of all efforts. The major reason for this is maybe the scam programs, which will promise huge income on day one without experience. Skip these programs right away, no one can become successful home based business owner in a short time. It takes time and success will follow your own learning curve.

To become successful home based business owner start learning right in the beginning and learn from quality forums and experienced and best home based business marketers.
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Juhani Tontti is a full time internet home based business marketer and offers you herea lot of learning with free ebooks
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