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Internet Marketing Boon Galvanized By Fast-Paced Today

Aug 17, 2007
The year 1873 was a pivotal moment in history for the little-known fact that it was then the man who was described as knowing-all-that-there-is-to-know-in-the-world, died. That man was renowned British economist and philosopher, John Stuart Mill.

Unquestionably John Stuart Mill was an exceptionally intelligent, well-read and knowledgeable individual, but to ascribe him the ability of knowing-all-that-there-is-to-know-in-the-world, even in 1873, is to put it mildly, truly stretching the limits of belief.

Today of course such a notion is outright laughable. Change in the world is occurring ever rapidly, information updates even faster, so much so that the newest stress burden we have to deal with in the infant 21st century is information overload.

Victims of Our Own Progress

Since time immemorial (okay...that's a bit of an exaggeration) sci-fi movies and novels have predicted our inevitable demise at the hands of our greatest creation...robots that can think! Sure we haven't quite got to that point yet and the jury is still out whether we ever will, but point of note here is how often we tend to wrongly predict the results of our technological breakthroughs.

Remember the myth of the paperless office?

That was one of the great premises of the computer. It would reduce our reliance on paper with a resultant proxy benefit that fewer trees need be felled to supply that paper; which begs the question...what's with the massive paper turnover found in offices today?

Okay, okay, I digress and I know you're getting restless. You want to know how this can benefit your internet marketing strategy and most importantly you want to know now!

Age of Instant Gratification Means More Internet-Marketing Opportunities!

The pace of the world has quickened and adaptive creatures that we are, so have we...as rightly we should, after all we created this acceleration!

One of the more marked changes as a result of this acceleration is the difference in our level of patience-or more correctly, lack thereof. By and large the modern individual does not have the patience characteristic of a person from yesteryear.

Modern society is set up in such a way that we are constantly on the go, constantly communicating, and of course ever connected! In many cities people don't even bother to sit down while eating anymore...look ma I can eat while walking while talking while crossing the road--oh did I mention I'm also listening to music? Hmmm...so that's what they mean by multi-tasking.

Anyway, this change of behavior has been brought about as a result of advances in technology, of which the internet has played a not inconsiderable role.

The internet was designed to make our lives easier, and it has in many ways but unfortunately its most beneficial aspect has also paradoxically turned out to be its biggest stumbling block...


Billions upon billions upon billions of web pages of the stuff! And everyday the number increases.

There's a saying that goes: you can find absolutely anything on the internet if you devote enough time to finding it! But therein lies the rub, time is the one thing we seem to have less and less of as...time passes.

Besides this is The Age of Instant Gratification. Nobody has the time to wait anymore. People want what they want right now! And if it is information that they are after, they want it instantly (well almost)...not in a few hours...not in a few days...not tomorrow, but now!

How come?

Because it is possible...the internet has made it possible. And just as importantly we've gotten used to it...or more correctly, we expect it!

And that by the way is your cue to step center stage...

Savvy Internet Marketers Capitalize On Instant Gratification!

Instant Gratification...don't you just love the way the phrase reverberates off your tongue, but more importantly love it for what it can do for you as a marketer. Remember, Instant Gratification is simply a more eloquent way of saying gimme now, words that are music to any internet marketer's ears.

In case you haven't caught on yet, those phrases translate into countless online opportunities to market your own instantly-downloadable digital products.

If you haven't written your own eBook or compiled your own software yet, the next best step is to promote somebody else's product as an affiliate (just so long as it is good, mind you).

Everybody Has A Problem That Needs To be Solved...

Why Shouldn't You Be Their Problem Solver!
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