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Selling Is Part And Parcel Of Life!

Aug 17, 2007
According to Rich Dad series, one of the important skills to learn is selling. I decided that I wanted to learn selling. This is because I realized the fact that I am always selling my ideas and information to someone everyday whether I like it or not. Selling is part and parcel of life!

For examples, if I were to do a presentation, I would be selling the presented information to the audience. If I were to be in a discussion, I would be selling my views and ideas to the rest of people in the meeting. If I were to go for job interview, I would be selling to my prospective employer that I am capable of doing the job. If I were to negotiate for more time, I would be selling to the party that this assignment need more time.

How should I go about learning selling skill? Of course the best option is to have a coach to guide me. If I cannot get any, then this is my own learning formula. My idea on learning any skill is a three steps process. Firstly, I will read and listen to the theories on the skill that I will like to master. Secondly, I will experiment or practice the skill based on theories that I have learned. Thirdly, I will reflect on the practical experiences gained so as to learn from mistakes. I will make adjustments if necessary until I get a satisfactory result.

As I could not find a coach, I took actions based on my own learning formula. I bought a few books on how to do sales. In addition, I enrolled myself in a few courses and seminars. The information in the courses and seminars completely blow me away. I wished that I had learned all these things in school.

One of interesting things that I have learned is the part on building rapport with your prospect. To build a rapport with a new acquaintance, there are a few things that I can do so that I have a higher chance of success.

Firstly, I have to observe how fast or how slow or how loud or how soft that person speaks. I may start the conversation by introducing myself first and then politely ask him to do an introduction of himself. Then I will observe his speech. If he speaks fast, I will follow suit and speak fast. If he speaks slowly, I will follow suit and speak slowly. If he speaks softly, I will follow suit and speak slowly. If he speaks loudly, I will follow suit and speak loudly. Basically, the idea here is to let him feel that I am like him since we have a common tone of speech.

Secondly, I will observe the language that he uses as he goes along. Alternatively, I will ask him whether he prefer to speak another language that we both know. If he speaks English, then I will speak English. If he prefers Mandarin, then I will speak Mandarin. The idea here is to let him feel that I am like him since we both prefer the same language

Thirdly, I will observe his body language. If he stands comfortably while talking to me, then I will stand comfortably too. If he stands straight in full attention while talking to me, then I will do the same. If he sits back and relax while talking to me, then I will do the same. If he sits up straight while talking to me, then I will do the same. Again, the idea here is to let him feel that I am like him. This idea will form the basis for a good rapport.

Another interesting thing that I have learned is the power of cold call. Basically for every ten cold calls that I have made, one prospect will likely to become my customer. The ratio may various from person to person. Some people have better ratio. Maybe out of every 10 strangers that they cold called, they get will get about 2 customers. Some people have poorer ratio. Maybe out of every 20 strangers that they had approached, they will only get 1 customer.

In conclusion, I realized that selling skills is not just about selling something to someone. It is all about networking and relationship building. If I apply these ideas one-step further in my life, I am basically enhancing my rapport with colleagues, friends and loved ones. If I apply the power of cold calls to get to know people during seminars and events, I will gain more friends eventually.

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