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Starting An Internet Business Without A Website

Aug 17, 2007
Back in the early days of internet marketing, there was not much to do starting an internet business before you had launched your own website.

This was a big challence, in many cases too big, for a new internet marketers, if they had not HTML skills or a weak business idea.

Before starting an internet business and making money online, you had to choose a domain name, site hosting company and optimize and test your website. Huh!

In internet marketing everything happens like in the jungle, you have to climb the tree step by step. For a newbie, who has just too much to learn when starting an internet business, one solution is to start his internet business opportunity without a website, using effective ways and build his own website perhaps later on.

To plan a website is a wide question, you have to find your niche, the problem you want to solve, your target group and your own marketing style to be able to build a strong, unique brand for your internet business opportunity.

It is healthy to get experiences first to be able to find the need on the internet market, the niche, which matches your skills.

But do not worry. There are other solutions for a newbie for starting an internet business. Own website is useful but you can market your business for ever without it too.

1. Sell on online auction sites.

Online auction business is very hot right now. The leading company alone has over 2 million daily visitors, using in average 2 hours navigating through pages and products. That company sells with $ 1.000 per every second and has customers with an average income of $ 50.000 per year.

So the market is there, big online auction sites offer millions of targeted contacts, so one problem is solved, the traffic.

Starting an internet business on an online auction site is simple. Sell one item from your home, just one, to get the touch of the process. You will see the results right away. Later, when you have more experience, you can start buying products for sale.

Some online auction sites offer a chance to establish your own web store with a very modest investment. It may be a surprise for a newbie, that some online auction sites have very professional and free learning centers.

2. Start Blogging.

Starting an internet business with a blog is clever. A blog is actulally like a website, but is much easier and free to set up, it all happens in minutes. You do not have to know anything about HTML, website desing, domain names and hosting. And you can still customize the blog, have your own style, which makes it look like a quality, branded website.

a. Monetize your blog by setting text ads ads on it, which are targeted to the blog topic and thus give more information to the blog visitors.

b. Join some affiliate programs and start to promote them by editorial articles, text ads, hyperlinks in the copy or banners.

c. Sell products with the same actions like affiliate programs. Digital products are especially good for
this purpose. Join as an affiliate of some of the many companies online, which can offer you a huge range of digital products, to get your own links and the principal will take care of all practical things, you just direct pre sold visitors to his r site.
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Juhani Tontti is a full time internet marketer and offers a lot more info about starting an internet business without a website
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