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Internet Website Marketing: Are You A "Dirty" Internet Marketer?

Aug 17, 2007
Online marketing did not develop as a new model all on its own. Despite the fact that the internet is very new in terms of media, most internet marketing techniques used today are based on decades of results from offline direct marketing in print, radio and television. Thanks to this, many of the same dirty tricks used to get people to buy in the offline world have been successfully adapted for use by internet marketers. Do you use any of these? If so, you just might be a "dirty" marketer too.

Dirty Words: The best marketers know that certain words literally have the power to work like magic spells that can quickly change the mindset of a person from casual reader to hungry buyer. Decades of scientifically testing these words in direct sales copy has proven how well these words, when used properly, can work.

As you're reading online copy, pay attention for words and phrases that arouse your interest or curiosity. If you suddenly realize that you've read an entire sales letter online, chances are you've been sucked in by the spell these words can weave. Go back over the copy and try to uncover them. Look for words like "secret", "easy", "fast" and "free" and pay attention to the context they are used in. You may find some ideas you can quickly adapt to suit your own purposes.

Dirty Bribes: As in the offline world, bribes work very well to "grease the wheels of commerce" online too. With internet marketing, bribes often come in the form of free bonuses, limited time discount offers for those who act fast to purchase, or the opportunity to get a discount or make some extra money by spreading the word about the product or service being advertised.

Although these types of bribes are usually considered fairly ethical, using them together in an online sales and marketing promotion can lead to results that will certainly make you feel like a criminal mastermind.

Dirty Peer Pressure: Including numerous testimonials from previous customers and clients, especially positive ones, can further tip the scales in your favor. Scattering convincing testimonials throughout your online sales copy not only creates an atmosphere of sincere third-party validation of the product, but also generates a feeling of "everybody else is doing it, why shouldn't I?"

Don't cross the line that some marketers have been accused of stepping over though; make sure that you are using genuine testimonials from people who have actually tried, tested or reviewed your offering. Others have been caught in the dirty act of making these testimonials up. Your business can sour fast if you are exposed for this type of fraud.

The techniques above are just a small sample of "dirty" but very effective techniques which are used by internet marketers to generate more sales online. If you take a cue from the past and study up on how the direct marketing pros succeeded long before the internet came about, you'll soon discover many more ways you can inspire potential customers to buy and increase your bottom line.
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