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Network Marketing Strategy for Success

Aug 17, 2007
Unlike other types of business ventures, network marketing is 100% a people-oriented business. As such, it requires people who are comfortable working with people and have the ability to motivate others into building a successful network of distributors. It is also the kind of business that can bring friendships together because of the close contact that the upline has with the downline during the training and mentoring phase of building the business.

The key to success in network marketing is to promote your network rather than your products. If you chose the right product line in which to become involved, the products will take care of themselves, but you need to promote the marketing plan in order to bring others into the network. The law of averages will clearly show you that the more people you have in your network, the higher the income potential is for both the entire network and you as an individual business owner.

The success of your network depends on you, your ability to motivate your downline, your determination to succeed, and the effort you extend in promoting your network's marketing plan. It will not succeed with the effort of just one person, so in addition to being constantly promoting your business, you must motivate others within your downline to do the exact same thing. It's not an individual effort, but a collective one, that will determine if your business is going to succeed. Because of this, it's important to remember that the efforts of each member of the network will affect the entire network. This means that the success or failure of the business is not based on one person's success or failure, but a collective effort.

One strategy that everyone needs to work is to promote the marketing plan rather than sell the products. The salesmanship part of the business has at best two ways of making money: the difference between cost of goods sold and sales price and any bonuses that may float from within the network because of the sales. Marketing, on the other hand, has numerous bonuses attached to it that are based upon the volume of sales within the network, and the larger your network, the higher those sales figures will be. Also, the higher those sales figures and the more people within your network, the higher your position will be within the network.

There is no individual method that is going to create success, nor is it going to come to only one person. A collective effort must be made for any type of network marketing business to work, thus the reason for the term "network," denoting a group of people rather than just one. If each of those individuals works together as part of the group, the success of the network is a guarantee.
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