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Web Directories And How To Use Them!

Aug 17, 2007
A web site may get less traffic from a link directory than from a search engine, but that shouldn't stop you from submitting your link to a directory. Consider the following before you decide to begin using link directories. Learning how to use them properly will greatly tip the odds of success in your favor.

Link directories result in targeted traffic to a web site. Internet users who browse directories are usually there for a reason, and they are looking for something specific and are trying to find the best results. This traffic translates to good prospects for the service or product carried by a particular site.

Search engines rank link directories, especially those containing links for specific areas of interest, as an expert site. Whether this is because they are edited by humans and not computers, being considered experts would explain why directories are a trusted source of specific information. Links listed by directories therefore carry more credibility.

Once you've decided to submit your link to a directory, follow these guidelines:

1. Review your site thoroughly. See to it that there are no errors. Maintaining the quality of your site should be a top priority. Broken links, missing images, misspelled words or typos are not only signs of poor quality, but can also give your site visitors a very frustrating experience. This might drive them from your site and to that of a competitor.

2. Make sure that the information you provide when you submit your site's URL, title, description, and key words is correct. For consistency, provide the same information when you submit to other directories.

3. It is important to describe your site as truthfully and as accurately as possible. Avoid superlatives that will be seen as marketing hype. Remember that your submission will be checked by an editor who may delete such words, or worse, your genuine keywords if the description is not accurate. This will result in less traffic to your site. This is something you will want to pay attention to.

4. Choose an appropriate category for your link. This is important, but for less obvious reasons. Not only will this make the editors job easier, and get your site listed a lot faster and more than this, the search engine will give your site a higher ranking based on the other sites found in the same category. If a directory doesnt have a suitable category for your link, post in the directory or category where your competitors are listed.

5. Check back once in a while to see if your site has been listed. Remember that free listing can take up to six months to process, sometimes more. If you paid a fee, however, your link should be included in the directory in a matter of days.

6. Keep a log of your submissions. Organize the information by directory and date of submission. This will help you keep from submitting to directories more than once. Once your site is listed, you can also log the date of listing.
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