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Can You Really Make Money With No Website Of Your Own

Aug 17, 2007
When I first started looking into making money on the internet one of the most intimidating things to me was how would I build my own website. I think that is true for many people. Let's face it, learning HTML code is like learning a foreign language.

Even if you do master that you have to learn how to build your pages so they are search engine optimized. You also have to learn how to write copy that will help your site sell. After you have done all of that you are going to need visitors to your website if you want to sell anything. So that brings up the question can you make money with no website of your own.

The short answer is yes. Here's the best way to do that.

1. Join an affiliate program and get paid to sell their products. Make it be a product that you have an interest in. I would suggest even going so far as to buy the product yourself. Digital information products are great for this.

2. Use their marketing materials to advertise your affiliate website. You will get your own affiliate i.d. number that is embedded in each website. Whenever someone buys off of your affiliate website you make a commission.

3. Buy a domain name for your affiliate product and redirect it to your affiliate website. This will make the site look like it is yours and is more professional than your longer affiliate website address.

4. Get your own autoresponder account and write a short series of email messages about why you like this product. An autoresponder is nothing more that a way to send automated emails. When you write a short series of feature and benefit related messages include your name and your new domain name.

5. Promote your autoresponder address. By doing this you will be building a mailing list for future follow-up. Since most people have to hear about a product many times before they buy this gives you away to follow-up over and over.

6. Use article marketing to write articles about the topic your product is in. Submit your articles to article directories and at the end of each article write a short bio box about yourself and your product. In that bio box include your autoresponder address where they can get free information from.

7. Try other forms of advertising and marketing like classified ads, forum marketing, and even do so offline marketing like flyers and newspapers. Always put your autoresponder address in every promotion you do.

Your goal here is to build a mailing list and follow-up until they buy. You do not want to send your customers directly to your affiliate website because unless they buy on their first visit you will never have anyway to get back with them or to get them back to your affiliate web page again. Since each affiliate website is the same you have no way to differentiate yourself from all of the other affiliates selling the same thing as you.

This is the best way to make money with no website of your own. It will take a lot of work but it can be done. If you focus on promoting a great product you like by sending email messages in an autoresponder you will be better off in the long run than just using the affiliate website only.
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