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Guns That You May Be Assigned And The EMP Counter Device

Aug 17, 2007
The gun that you should use really depends on what branch or operation you're assigned to. Generally in 2 years ground infantry will most likely still be using the M16, M4 rifle/carbine series, unless you are assigned to special weapons like Mk.48, Mk.46 machine guns, Mp5, colt commando sub guns or sniper roles.

You'll be using what we have now. Little by little the military releases new things, in order to get more advantages now instead of later. They figure it's better to do that than release everything at once in 14 years. Between 2012-2020, you see the fully finished gear all together.

They still haven't even announced that the M8 is to be the m16's replacement. The possibility that the accept it, make their changes, and get them out to the field in 2 years is very slim. The XM-8 was cancelled on 31 October 2005. Possibly M4/16s upgraded with the features of the HK416, Special Ops will possibly start equipping with SCAR-L/H.

The best answer really looks like the 5.56 with the heavier, 75 grain bullet - whether brass or careless, no-brass - even in the new XM8/OICW, shorter-barreled type weapon, whenever that finally gets rolling (face it, the difference from the AR-15 grand-type is mostly cosmetic, with new attachments, i.e. the 20mm, which should swap out with the 40mm or shotgun.)

No matter what use the 5.56 is put to, the heavier bullet performs very well; and then, there is still the international humanitarian concern (Hague, Geneva conventions, etc.) caused by bullet fragmentation with the existing lighter-bullet cartridges (55 & 62 grains) at velocities above 2700 fps. The 75 grain bullet stays at or below 2700 fps, yet still maintains a very flat long range trajectory because of its higher ballistic coefficient.

It also provides better close-range penetration, along with a better, longer-range effectiveness. The bullet will still tumble within the target, as most fmj-rifle bullets do - but, because it is a longer projectile, it will create an even bigger wound channel. The trade-off is less maiming of "civilians" for more one shot kills. The short answer: YES!

The DREAD gun sounds very Star Trekie... in a good way. However, if it's electric it must have power - #1, and #2, what about EMP. An EMP device would be the logical counter device to this weapon. EMP damages electronics, ie things with computer chips in them. Electrical devices, like mom's mix master and dad's electric drill, will continue to operate. The Soviets designed against EMP by using old-fashioned tube electronics in their aircraft. Apparently EMP is a threat to the very small circuits of computer chips, bulkier devices can withstand them.

Interesting points raised. As I understand the devise, there IS RECOIL but not in the conventional sense. As the (already energized projectiles) depart the weapon, the opposite reaction is transmitted to the power driving unit which would exhibit a rotational reduction (recoil) for the exact moment of the departure. Which is so small as to be insignificant? As the Electronics, they can be BYPASSED at anytime and allow manual operation. The motor, well that would not be affected by an EMP.

The DREAD does have recoil but not in the conventional sense. Prior to the projectiles being released, they are already energized and once departed; the opposite force is transmitted to the rotational power drive which exhibits a minute rotational reduction. Totally insignificant.

The programmable fire control system can be disabled anytime and the weapon operated manually. The Electric motor is not affected by any EMP saturation. The rates of fire mentioned, must be put into context, like the M16 for example, which has a rate of fire of 700/800 rounds per minute but does not necessarily mean the soldier is going to accomplish that. His magazine capacity is only 30 rounds. Should he fire and empty the entire clip, the rate of discharge is measured in rounds per minute, meaning the weapon's cyclic rate.
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