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Question: What Are the Exact 3 Steps to Mine Gold On the Internet?

Aug 17, 2007
In this article you will learn the exact 3 block formula that almost every internet marketer follows to mine gold on the internet.

If you use these 3 steps accurately, I bet you will approach your goal to a successful internet business quickly, easily and absolutely stress free.

Here YOU Go...

Step 1 - Focus On One.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. You can get started...

1. Creating your own products and services.

2. Selling affiliate products.

3. Making money in online auctions like ebay.

4. Creating adsense websites and make some easy money.

Similarly there are number of ways to promote your website. This includes...

1. Search Engine Optimization.

2. Writing and submitting articles.

3. Discussion Forums.

4. Pay per click search engines.

5. Viral Marketing.

6. Creating content sites.

The reason most newbies fail to get started is that they are bombarded with information overload.

They fail to realize that you have to pick up one thing and focus on it, master it, perfect it and then move on to next.

Lets assume that you are interested in creating and selling your own products. What you need to do is forget about all the options and just focus on creating your own products.

You should not simultaneously think about how to make money using adsense and various other options.

This should be followed while promoting your website. If you decide to promote your website using articles, then just don't simultaneously get involved in pay per click search engines.

What you need to do is focus on writing and submitting atleast 100 articles, track it, check out the response your are getting, gain confidence by doing this, master it, gain perfection and then move on to next.

Pick up one thing, focus on it, do it thoroughly and then move on, this is the secret to success.

If you try to do everything at one time you will be no where, believe me, I have done this same mistake and I am telling you this from my personal experience.

There's a famous proverb on this "Jack Of All and Master Of None". This will be your position if you ignore the content in this article.

Step 2 - Go Where Your Interest Is.

The next step towards internet marketing success is to go where you are interested in. Don't do something because a million dollar marketer in Singapore is doing it.

If you follow your interest and your intuition and focus on your goal you will be successful.

If you're interested in selling affiliate products, do it. If you're interested in promoting your website writing articles, do it.

Don't keep thinking whether it will work or not. Just do it and take action and keep learning and get whole lot of experience by doing that ONE thing. Then move on to next.

Believe me or not, if you just master one thing above the rest, you will be highly respected in your industry and above all you can make all the money you will ever need by just doing and mastering one thing right.

Step 3 - Education.

You will learn how to do something by continuous education. Don't feel shy to ask and learn.

But only education will not work. It is extremely important to take action along with education.

Learn a small chunk and once you know what to do, take action, then move on to another bit of information and then take action once again.

Don't wait to finish reading that 1000 page ebook and then get started, I bet you will never do it.

Apply the above 3 block formula and make your internet dreams come true. Whatever you do I wish you all the very best and success in life and business.
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