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Your 9 Block Affiliate Marketing Cash Formula - Exposed

Aug 17, 2007
Step 1 - Hunt for a profitable niche.

Visit inventory.overture.com and make some searches out there. You will see that you get keywords along with a number that indicates as to how many searches were performed for that keyword on overture last month.

This shows the demand of the niche.

Now you have to find out competition for the niche. For that search google with the same keywords in quotes. You will see number of pages getting displayed when you search for the keywords.

This indicates competition in a particular niche.

Now apply this formula - Competition/Demand.

Lower the number, more profitable is the niche. With this system hunt down a profitable niche and then continue.

Step 2 - Research quality affiliate programs.

There are number of affiliate directories you can visit to hunt down affiliate programs. A popular affiliate directory is associateprograms.com

You can also search at google.com to hunt down quality affiliate programs in your niche. Read the sales letter of the affiliate program and determine whether they can convert well.

Also make sure that the product is of good quality and pays high commission that keeps you motivated to promote your affiliate link.

Step 3 - Signup with a Quality Autoresponder Service.

Hunt down for a quality autoresponder service which will help you to follow up your subscribers.

Step 4 - Create a Powerful Quality Package.

Create a powerful package and give it to your visitors for free. Your package can include a video, ebook, report, ecourse, etc.

This free package will act as a bait to get them to signup in your list.

Step 5 - Setup a Squeeze Page.

Create a squeeze page with powerful copy promoting your free package and convincing your visitors to signup under your follow up system.

Once they do this your autoresponder will start promoting your affiliate program to your subscribers.

Step 6 - Get Targeted Traffic.

Do everything you can to get quality targeted traffic to your website.

Use pay per click search engines, google adwords, write articles, participate in discussion forums and apply all your efforts to promote your squeeze page.

Step 7 - Blast Weekly Newsletters.

Blast weekly newsletters to your list with quality articles. Also promote different offers and your affiliate links in the newsletter.

This will help you to make cool affiliate sales.

Step 8 - Create Content Site.

Create killer theme based content site to drive traffic from search engines to your squeeze page.

Focus on getting incoming links to your site to boost up rankings of your content site. This will help you to get more and more traffic to your squeeze page.

Step 9 - Track Everything.

Don't forget to track your ads while you promote your affiliate products. Track whether which affiliate programs are profitable and which are not.

Also track all your traffic sources, your website conversion ratio and alot more. Test, tweak and improve. Then test again, this is how you should continue your affiliate marketing process.

Make sure you apply this 9 block super affiliate formula and boost up your affiliate profits to the next level.

There has never been a better time to get started than it is today.
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