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Internet Marketing Goal Setting & Time Management Revealed - Be Desciplined

Aug 17, 2007
One needs to be extremely desciplined while running an online business.

The scenario of a work from home enterpreneur is absolutely different from one doing a job. It is quite obvious for a home based worker to get destracted with various chores through out the day.

It can be phone calls coming in through out the day, getting distracted around with kids playing in the house, or just sitting back and watching your favourite TV show, or a phone call from a friend inviting you to buzz around, etc.

As you can see, if you don't manage your time in an accurate and efficient manner working from your home, you are surely coming closer to a huge trouble.

The most important thing you need to do is focus on your goal. But before that you need to have a goal written down on a paper that you are shooting for.

The very first thing you need to do is write down your goal in a detailed step by step manner. Your goal is the destination where you have to go.

Now the next thing you need to do is create steps to reach your goal. This is nothing but creating a plan.

Create monthly plans or the tasks that you need to achieve to reach your goal. Break down this monthly plan into weekly plan and finally boil it down into daily plan.

Keep your plan and your goal exactly near your computer so that you can view it often and keeps you focussed on your goal. Read your plan and goal several times a day.

Repetition gets your subconscious mind to grasp things faster and as a result you unconsciously stay focussed on your goal through out the day.

Writing down the plan is not enough. Be desciplined enough to complete your daily plan. Yes action is the key to success. Don't do anything else thoughout the day before you have completed your daily plan, no matter what happens.

If your daily plan is too complicated break it down into chunks. Do one part of your daily plan and gift yourself with a cup of coffee. Do another chunk and then again gift yourself with a break of 15 minutes playing with your kids. Give yourself a reward once you have accomplised a certain task. This is very useful in getting things done faster and easier.

At the end of the day review your goal and ask yourself, what have you done today to accomplish your goal. If you have truely done your daily plan you will get huge satisfaction and also a sound sleep tonight.

Keep thinking about your goal throughout the day and get the feeling that you have already completed the goal. This is an extremely important tactic you have to follow to get your goal manifested as per the law of attraction. The formula goes in this way...

1. Thoughts.
2. Feelings.
3. Actions.
4. Results.

First comes thought. If you think about your goal on a continuous basis as if you have already achieved it, it will result into feelings and high energy, this will result into action, and action will finally give out results.

Do what this article says and see your internet business explode, starting today.
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