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How to Protect Yourself In This Risky Internet Marketing World?

Aug 17, 2007
In this article you will learn some important tactics you can use to prevent yourself from getting ripped off by work at home and business opportunities websites.

There are hundreds of business opportunities popping up each and every single day and most of them are present to hype up innocent people with million dollar dreams and grab their money.

However it is extremely important to learn as to how to protect yourself from such scam artist and how to take preventive measures before giving your hard earned money to someone whom you donot know.

Here are simple steps you should take before purchasing any product which will help you to determine whether you will have a safe and sound transaction with the website.

Step 1 - Email Them.

The first thing you should do before purchasing any product is to email the website owner. They should have some contact form or atleast an email address on the website though which you can get back to them.

If they fail to respond to your email donot purchase their product or service for sure. If a website owner fails to respond to your query, it simply means he is not passionate about his business and is not serious enough to provide quality customer service.

You cannot expect such a website owner to deliver you quality product and then get back to you once you have paid him some money. So leave that site instantly.

Step 2 - Professionality of Website.

Check out how professional the website is. Check out the website design, its navigation system, the order processing system, their follow up system.

Check out whether they have listed testimonials of satisfied customers. Contact them if they provide you their email address or contact number to know their experience.

It is wise enough to stay away from a website that does not look professional.

Step 3 - Contact Members in Forums.

Hunt down quality forums in your niche and ask members out there to give their opinion and review about the product you are planning to purchase.

It is obvious that there might be some individuals who might have purchased the same product and will share with your their experience.

You will get to learn alot about the website and product from forums, so make sure you ask them before purchasing it.

Step 4 - Review Sites.

Hunt down product review sites in your niche. It is quite possible that you might find a review of the product you are planning to purchase in the review sites.

A neat little tactic is to search in google. Enter the keyword as "Product+Name+reviews" in google and hopefully you might find reviews of the product.

Step 5 - Test Small.

Try out small. If they have a basic low cost package available try it out before making a huge investment.

Go for a small low cost package, check out their customer service and quality of the product they provide and then accordingly go for the BIG package.

Taking some basic steps as mentioned above will help you to get involved in a secure transaction rather than risking your time, money and credit card with some fraudulent company.

You never know whether there is a devil or an angel sitting on the other side of the internet waiting for you to press the order button. So make sure you always play safe.
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