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Do You Have What It Takes To Be Self Employed?

Aug 17, 2007
Being self employed sounds great doesn't it? No boss watching over you, the ability to set your own hours and all the profits of the business go to you! While it does sound good, the fact is that being self employed is not for everyone, it takes dedication, self discipline and hard work to be successful in your own business.

Studies have shown that successful entrepreneurs possess certain characteristics. In addition anyone who wants to achieve success on their own must possess the desire, discipline and discretion necessary to make it as a self employed individual. Do you have what it takes?

1. Self-confidence. This is of the utmost importance and a key characteristic of most successful entrepreneurs. This means having unshakable confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities. No matter what friends or foe's say to you, the confidence to always believe in your ideas and abilities will carry you through.

2. Achievement Oriented. Most successful entrepreneurs are achievement oriented. Results are gained by focused and sustained effort. They concentrate on achieving a specific goal, not just accomplishing a string of unrelated tasks.

3. Risk Taking. Another earmark of the entrepreneur is being a risk taker. They realize that there is a chance of loss inherent in achieving their goals, yet they have the confidence necessary to take calculated risks to achieve their goals.

4. Desire. If you think that running your own business is merely a matter of using your brains then you are sure to be disappointed. Successful entrepreneurs have a common thread no matter if they run the run a country gas station or a Fortune 500 company - DESIRE. If you don't have the drive and determination to work for yourself - if you can't give up the security of a regular pay cheque - you will have great difficulty working for yourself.

5. Discretion. There are many opportunities available. Some are good, some are frauds and several are absolutely perfect - for you. Each individual's strengths and talents will impact which business model will suit them best. If you are very shy or hate to talk to people than it would be wise to stay away from businesses that require a lot of face-to-face selling. If the product is not something you would personally use it is not something you will want to promote and that will show in your efforts.

6. Discipline. When you are self employed you don't have a boss or a time clock, but if you expect to make a living then you will have to discipline yourself. Have a schedule that you follow every day. Plan your time wisely. Although many procrastinators actually do well working for themselves it is still vitally important to know what needs to be done and to have the discipline to follow through. A few bad jobs or unhappy customers can have lasting impact on your business.
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